Agents of SHIELD season 4: Episode 19, Phil Coulson is back, our critic

Cinema 27 April, 2017

Yesterday evening a new episode of season 4 of Agents of SHIELD was broadcast on ABC. Check out our review of “All the Ladies’ Men” and watch out for the spoilers!
New week, Agents of SHIELD’s new season 4 episode on ABC in which Daisy and Jemma are still stuck in the framework. The intrigue of this parallel world in which all the relations of force are reversed continues to excite us but it seems that we are beginning to see the end come. In episode 19, May’s arrival of “the good side” and the advances of AIDA accelerate a little things. May and Daisy escape thanks to the return of Quake and take advantage to seriously hurt Ophelia which is propelled in reality with Ivanov. Unfortunately for them – but fortunately for our heroes – AIDA and Ivanov (now that he is also a robot) are programmed to do no harm to Radcliffe, Nor to agents of the SHIELD as long as they do not put the framework in danger . But this is what Jemma and Daisy are doing now and the reasons for worry are numerous since Ivanov has spotted their position in reality …
In the alternative universe, the “Project Looking Glass” technology is in the works and Fitz is already planning to accompany Ophelia – or AIDA – in its new adventure. Does this mean that Opheia will merge with AIDA? But what about the real Fitz? So many questions to which we should soon have answers … On the side of the SHIELD and following the death of Mace, Phil Coulson naturally goes back to the controls and advises to use mass information as a weapon, as Hydra did With propaganda . They decided to show the world the real circumstances of the death of the Patriot while making a good allusion to the policy of Donald Trump and his “alternative facts”. A strategy that seems to work and that will prevent Ward from putting himself in danger to block a possible counter-attack of Hydra. His offer of protection was nevertheless accompanied by a touching discussion between him and Daisy that only reinforces the feeling that Ward, this Ward, will miss us when Daisy and Jemma are back in the real world.
Finally Jemma and Trip went on reconnaissance mission to find the secret project of Hydra. If they arrive in the right place, it is not in the good universe that they are … But it allows them nevertheless to discover the real plan of AIDA: to build a machine that creates organic materials to from scratch. Like a true Pinocchio, AIDA is dreaming of human flesh and bone and once that is the case, it will be totally free from its programming and the grip it has on it and will be able to do all the evil Which it wants to SHIELD agents and Radcliffe . The stakes are always greater in this season and one continues to strongly appreciate the construction of the plot. The winks here and there to the real world and to the past of its characters are always the proof of the good construction of an alternative universe where few things are left to chance and this is what makes this plot a success . While waiting to find out if Ivanov will find Jemma and Daisy and if they will come out in time of the framework, discover what other series are broadcast this week thanks to our program! And you, what did you think of the episode? Discover what other series are shown this week with our program!