Lady Gaga tackled by The Chainsmokers, they apologize publicly

The Chainsmokers backtrack and apologize to the singer after clashing on her work.
Remember a few months ago, members of the band The Chainsmokers ...

13 June, 2017
Sony Xperia XZ Premium: 4K screen, photo, video and autonomy … Here is our complete test

Available for purchase in France today, the Sony Xperia XZ Premium has it all. With its Snapdragon 835, its 4K HDR display and its 4GB of RAM, this ...

9 June, 2017
Fear The Walking Dead Season 3: Episodes 1 and 2, Madison, Travis and the others in military hell, our critic

After months of waiting there it is, season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead began with a first double murderer season. Watch out for spoilers.
The ...

5 June, 2017
HTC U 11, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S8, Huawei P10, Sony Xperia XZ Premium … The best Android Phones by 2017!

You want to buy a new smartphone and you wish to have the best phone possible in terms of photo? Between HTC, Google, Samsung, Sony and Huawei, here ...

2 June, 2017
With the Xperia XZ Premium, Sony is entering another dimension in photo and video!

The Sony Xperia XZ Premium is a beautiful smartphone. And its camera is up to its performance. Has the Japanese giant finally found the miracle ...

30 May, 2017
The Walking Dead: Rick, Maggie, Dwight, Negan … Who were the best and worst characters of Season 7?

A few weeks after the end of season 7 of The Walking Dead, a small return on the best and worst characters of the season.
The 7 of The Walking Dead ...

29 May, 2017
OSEF: North, daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, knows how to play a song of her father on violin

In addition to being the cutest little girls North has a peculiarity. She knows how to play a piece of her dad Kanye West on the violin.
Not a ...

19 May, 2017
Brad Pitt finally talks about Angelina Jolie and their divorce

It is in all minds right now. Unlike Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt openly talks about his divorce in the media. Here are his latest statements ...
The ...

17 May, 2017
Once Upon A Time season 6: Episode 21 and 22, Emma launches in her last battle, our critic of the final season!

While episode 21 and 22 of Season 6 of Once Upon A Time were broadcast last night on ABC, let's come back together on the main events that have ...

15 May, 2017
Once Upon A Time season 6: Episode 19, the secret of the black fairy and Rumple revealed, our critic!

While episode 19 of season 6 of Once Upon A Time has just been broadcast on ABC, let's come back together on the events of "Black Fairy"!
An ...

1 May, 2017
Quantico: Priyanka Chopra (Alex) doubt that there will be a season 3!

Bad news for fans of Quantico. Priyanka Chopra, the star of the series doubts strongly that a season 3 sees the day. We tell you more!
Season 2 of ...

29 April, 2017
Agents of SHIELD season 4: Episode 19, Phil Coulson is back, our critic

Yesterday evening a new episode of season 4 of Agents of SHIELD was broadcast on ABC. Check out our review of "All the Ladies' Men" and watch out for ...

27 April, 2017
The Walking Dead Season 7: All the references and easter eggs you have missed!

Season 7 of The Walking Dead may be over, but you may still have a lot of surprises in store for you!
He'll have to wait until autumn to find Rick ...

23 April, 2017
Spider-Man Homecoming: Peter Parker in action on a new image

Spidey has some great abilities! And he proves it again today with a new image of Spider-Man: Homecoming!
It could be intense, the battle Spidey ...

21 April, 2017
Transformers 5 The Last Knight: The Secret History of Autobots Teased in a New Video

A new video of Transformers 5: The Last Knight was unveiled, teasing the history of the Autobots on Earth. And obviously, they did not work!
This ...

10 April, 2017
We tried the Huawei Watch 2 with the iPhone 7, and the result is wow!

The Huawei Watch 2 is a true technological jewel. This watch connected to Android Wear 2.0 is compatible with iOS. We tried it with an iPhone 7 and ...

10 April, 2017
Moto X 2017: The smartphone unveiled in the manufacturer’s birthday video!

The Moto X 2017 has (yet) leaked! But this time, it is Motorola that is at the origin of the image unveiled. Discover the video posted by the ...

5 April, 2017
Star Wars Rogue One: Where does the name of the planet Scarif come from?

We now know well the name of Scarif, place of the final battle of Star Wars: Rogue One. And yet, Gareth Edwards found it in a very unconventional ...

1 April, 2017
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie reconciled, Selena Gomez and The Weekend threatened, Kendall Jenner burgled: Our Top People March!

While Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have handed over the cover, poor Kendall Jenner was robbed while Selena Gomez's relationship with The Weeknd is ...

31 March, 2017
Legends of Tomorrow Season 2: Episode 16, The World According to the Legion of Doom, our critic!

While Episode 16 of Legends of Tomorrow's Season 2 has just been released on the CW, let's come back together with the highlights of "Doomsworld"! ...

30 March, 2017
Quantico Season 2: Episode 15, Dead SPOILER? Our criticism

Last night, episode 15 of season 2 of Quantico was broadcast on ABC. So it's time to discover our review of "MOCKINGBIRD" and the promotional video ...

29 March, 2017
The Walking Dead Season 7: Negan, who made him aware of Rick’s plan?

The ideas of Rick's revolt and his team are now known to Negan. Who is the traitor in this season 7 of The Walking Dead?
The Season Finale of ...

27 March, 2017
The Walking Dead season 7: Episode 15, all the details of the plot

This article is for the curious little ones who can not wait for the episode 15 of season 7 of The Walking Dead. Warning, spoilers.
At the risk of ...

23 March, 2017
Kim Kardashian insults Kanye West!

There are tensions between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. In a new video buzz, the star violently insults her husband.
This week was very intense ...

23 March, 2017
Thinking about it a bit, the possible reboot Matrix seems more sympatoch in series than film

The project would be (already) under discussion, according to the Hollywood Reporter, and the opinions are negative. Too early, not necessary, risky ...

20 March, 2017
How to Get Away with Murder Season 4: Will Annalize Be Dropped by the Story of Wes and Laurel?

A few weeks after the end of season 3 of How to Get Away with Murder, the season 4 info begins to fall. Warning, spoilers.
But who killed Wes? If ...

19 March, 2017
Bella Thorne and Cody Christian as a couple? They continue to sow doubt

Are Bella Thorne and Cody Christian more than just friends? It's possible ! Especially as the two celebrities continue to keep the mystery ... ...

14 March, 2017
How to Get Away with Murder: What will happen in Season 4?

Several months before the return of Annalize Keating, one wonders already what awaits us in season 4 of How to Get Away with Murder. Watch out for ...

12 March, 2017