Kim Kardashian insults Kanye West!

Entertainment 23 March, 2017

There are tensions between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. In a new video buzz, the star violently insults her husband.
This week was very intense for Kim Kardashian. Yeah, last weekend, Episode 2 of Season 13 of The Incredible Kardashian Family was aired. In the latter, we finally learned more about what really happened on October 3 last in Paris. Kim Kardashian’s poignant revelations are just cold in the back . In the aftermath of the TV show, the most famous clan of American reality TV will have to manage what he calls “the after-Paris”. One discovers that the mother of North and of Saint West is very tried by this terrible ordeal that she has just lived. She does not hesitate to insult her husband violently, Kanye West, when he makes a big blunder.
On that score, Kanye West missed a bit of delicacy and intelligence. In this excerpt of the next episode of KUWTK , Kim Kardashian tells his mother, Kris Jenner , and Kourtney , about an event that has enraged him. While the reality TV star was still shocked by her aggression in Paris, she heard strange footsteps outside her home in Los Angeles. As in his statements about his attack, Kim Kardashian asks if there is anyone in the places where she is. Terrified at not having an answer, she clearly began to panic . But a few minutes later we learned that the person who had just crossed the threshold of the port was Kanye West. Kim Kardashian did not hide her anger and insulted her husband: “Hey c ** nard! We must absolutely put a plan in place when you arrive . ” At this point, Kim Kardashian is right. These few minutes have unfortunately plunged her into the nightmare that she lived in the French capital.