How to Properly Dress for a Tinder Date

Entertainment 25 February, 2022

The world of dating has changed profoundly in recent years, with online dating moving from a niche method of meeting people to one of the most popular ways of finding a date in the world. Dating apps like Tinder have seen widespread appeal across many demographics, breeding a world of modern romance in which 75% of young people use Tinder. With the increasing prevalence of Tinder dates, you might find yourself looking forward to one – but how should you dress for such an encounter?

Don’t Change Yourself

A date is a nerve-wracking thing, and you are likely to find yourself second-guessing your wardrobe as a result. You might be tempted to re-invent your style, or pick out a unique outfit to suit the occasion – which is why the first, and most essential, piece of advice is to resist the urge to change yourself. It’s ok to test your comfort zone a little, but dressing in your own style is a key way of showing your personality to your date. It can also be a shield of confidence, where unfamiliar clothes or styles might worry you further or inspire you to act differently to compensate. Worry less; dress for yourself first.

Where’s the Date?

In picking out a specific outfit for your date, it pays to know what kind of date it’s going to be. A formal evening gown might not be the best choice for a day trip around the city, just as jeans and a jumper might have you sticking out at a Michelin-starred restaurant. It is also important to note that your date will likely be paying attention to your personality first and foremost; dressing practically will not see you “marked down”, especially if your date is an outdoor activity – so don’t be afraid to dress for rain!

Sexy and Confident

Your clothing can say a fair bit about your personality and mindset, but it can also influence your mindset quite significantly; dressing with that in mind can boost your confidence, as well as display you in your best light. For example, wearing a sexy lingerie set can make you feel sexy, even if your date won’t be seeing it until the third date! You might also choose bold colours like red and black for your outfit, to exude confidence and power and to feel empowered during your date.

Comfy Shoes – No Ifs, No Buts

There is little negotiation on this front, I’m afraid: wear comfy shoes! Those five-inch stiletto heels may be calling out for a romantic outing, but you’ll soon regret wearing them – especially if you have no back-up flats to slip on mid-date. Comfy shoes make spontaneity that little bit more effortless, and it’s guaranteed that your date will not notice or mind. Comfy shoes will also make you more at-ease overall, and less likely to close yourself off to the date.