How to Get Away with Murder: What will happen in Season 4?

Cinema 12 March, 2017

Several months before the return of Annalize Keating, one wonders already what awaits us in season 4 of How to Get Away with Murder. Watch out for spoilers!
It’s been a few weeks since the final season was broadcast and we’ve already asked ourselves five questions we want answers in season 4 of How to Get Away with Murder . Watch out for spoilers if you’re not up to date! But what’s the show going to say now that Wes is dead and we know who killed him? Well probably the Keating 4 and Annaling Keating’s quest to find out who killed their friend. History to change a bit, this time we will know who the guilty but not the characters and it should be particularly interesting to see Asher, Laurel, Michaela, Connor and Oliver pursue their quest for the truth while knowing when they are approaching Or precisely when they are far away. It must be said that ”
A new investigation, always closer to the characters, is what we can expect. One wonders however whether, as in the majority of the series before the death of Wes, business will come to rhythm the episodes. It should not be forgotten that the Keating 4 are still at the university and that they should also see them in full learning in addition to running after murderers . Annalise’s journey, however, could complicate things and mean that we will not see as many customers in the future, unless Bonnie takes over or Annalise finds a way to practice and teach again After all that she has lived. But let us reassure ourselves, Season 4 should not be anything but drama since the final season also offered us some happy moments, including a marriage request from Oliver to Connor. Will the boys realize all this in the next season? We hope so!
Between Wes’s death, Laurel’s baby and Annalize’s dark hours, How to Get Away with Murder did not give us much of a smile – except when Asher was on the screen – and a wedding would The perfect opportunity to show us another facet of the Keating 4. Since the beginning of the series, they have not been seen often relaxed and smiling and it would be interesting to see how they interact in a really happy context . Finally we assume that season 4 will show us how Laurel will eventually learn the truth and especially her reaction when she knows that her father has killed Wes. We should also discover at the same time why he made such a decision and whether this whole story is related to the Mahoney and / or Denver. In short, still of the mystery and the drama but perhaps also some joyful moments in the sequel. While waiting for the return and the return of the series, we wondered if we would see again Wes in the season 4 of How to Get Away with Murder. And you, what would you like to see in season 4?