Spider-Man Homecoming: Peter Parker in action on a new image

Cinema 21 April, 2017

Spidey has some great abilities! And he proves it again today with a new image of Spider-Man: Homecoming!
It could be intense, the battle Spidey took part in Captain America: Civil War was only a warm up! Because in July, our young hero will have to fend for himself to face the Vulture, Shocker, the Handyman and the other villain incarnated by Logan Marshall Green in Spider-Man: Homecoming ! Finally, all alone, way to talk since Tony Stark should still spin him, with a bad grace, a little helping hand. But in the end, it’s Peter Parker and his superhero exploits that will be discussed in the film. If he is still only a teenager of 15-16 years, the young man has some trump cards in his sleeve ! And we do not just talk about his high-tech costume, Coming straight from the twisted but brilliant mind of Tony Stark. The capabilities of the spider-man are obviously extraordinary, starting with that which allows him to jump very high without seeming to make the slightest effort. Moreover, it proves to us today again how good it is for this thanks to a new image of Spider-Man: Homecoming , that melty makes you discover!
Taken from the magazine Empire, this picture seems straight out of the film! We can see our hero jumping – literally – in action, but without his Spider-Man costume, this time. Knowing that the scene is apparently in broad daylight, one wonders what can push Peter used his amazing abilities like that, in the eyes of everyone. Either he runs after a villain who has just fallen on him … or he is particularly in a hurry to take the tangent ! To believe that it grows wings. In any case, one has the impression that he is leaving his high school, or at least of some institute. It remains to be hoped for him that nobody is hitting him in full leap!