With the Xperia XZ Premium, Sony is entering another dimension in photo and video!

Techno 30 May, 2017

The Sony Xperia XZ Premium is a beautiful smartphone. And its camera is up to its performance. Has the Japanese giant finally found the miracle recipe?
With its experience in cameras and sensors, Sony has put everything on the Xperia XZ Premium camera. The main photo sensor features 19 MP with a focal length of 1 / 2.3 “, the same size as standard cameras, and more megapixels than the Samsung Galaxy S8 . And while the Xperia Z5 Premium and Xperia XZs were suffering from very slow photo processing, the new flagship of the Japanese giant, which impressed me with three of its characteristics , highlights the Motion Eye technology which allows Quickly capture multiple shots before processing them in a very short time.
After spending a day with the Xperia XZ Premium , I obviously tried his camera. And from my first shots you can see below, Sony did not miss the check mark The 13 MP front-end sensor offers a wide-angle lens with autofocus. Result, the focus is done as if by magic, even when you get closer to the smartphone . For example, you can count each hair on your eyebrows in the biggest calm. But when the brightness is low, some details become a bit fuzzy. And yet, the device is in my eyes, a very good selfie phone.
Without being the best of the game, the camera of the Xperia XZ Premium allowed me to immortalize oklm subjects in motion but, I think there is still a ditch between the photos taken in low light. Sony is known for its know-how in the field: its smartphones have the ability to bring light to the darkest shots. But if the processing of the images is very fast, natural patterns like grass look quite smooth. This prevents the XZ Premium camera from tutoyer perfection. Fortunately, his video part sends very heavy.
The video is the highlight of the Xperia XZ Premium . The new flagship, which is available in pre-order with a free headset , can shoot in super slow motion by capturing 960 frames per second. This ultra-slow motion mode is easy to use and very pleasant. Thanks to this technology, I was able to discover some unusual details in my videos . After that, you have to choose these topics. The Super Slow Motion mode can transform the most stuffy stuff into trivial things : a TGV becomes slower than your girlfriend on a bicycle. But next to it, it can easily capture your dab in full plunge.
The results are really not bad but, I regret a little that the super slow motion is so short (about ten seconds only). And then, it must be confessed that the quality is good without being wow. Super Slow Motion mode gives the impression that the video is zoomed and as soon as the brightness is low, the quality of the picture deteriorates like the relationship between Booba and Kaaris . But hey, I still do not make my difficult. The complete test of the smartphone of Sony is planned in ten days but by then, I will do a max of stuff with the new baby of Sony Xperia. So subscribe to his file to be on the page!