Thinking about it a bit, the possible reboot Matrix seems more sympatoch in series than film

Cinema 20 March, 2017

The project would be (already) under discussion, according to the Hollywood Reporter, and the opinions are negative. Too early, not necessary, risky … And if we made a series rather than a film?
It is not too late to change your mind, choose the appropriate form and put as much emphasis as possible on the bottom. The material is there, it is enough simply to use it as well as possible. And frankly, making a series seems pretty bad! Finally, it could calm down all those who are rather annoyed at the moment, seeing this project reboot in film as a shit announced, especially without the Wachowski to the controller, without the historical producer Joel Silver, nor a single cast member original. Come on, here are some ideas. That Warner can use, before officially confirm any project.
The films do not concentrate enough on the matrix
You can not do everything or satisfy everyone. Nor even all the desires. However, given the potential to be exploited behind the existence of the matrix, it would be possible to place more emphasis on it. For we human beings like to reflect on the illusion of reality, the backdrop behind our world and our universe . Much more than just looking (and appreciating, nevertheless) bastons or other purely human inter-personal problems. The will to be surprised, disturbed, to dig …
The possibility of developing several intrigues in parallel
Do not let us sulk our pleasure, follow the steps of Neo remains stylish. The stroke of the Messiah who comes to save humans is nothing new but when it is done well, we can be carried away. But if there were only that, a series of seasons would probably be boring. And there’s no risk! We could also include a slew of other things : a sort of prequel about the revolution, how it was built, how the machines had taken power, the path of Morpheus, why it and not another …
The indispensable villain is indeed present
It is a secret boot not so secret: it requires antagonism to create public interest. That he tries to understand why, that he feels things (empathy, compassion, disgust, fright …), that he identifies the values ​​of the characters … And in Matrix, Agent Smith is an ideal opponent . Coriace, obsessed, wicked, heartless, he does not let go Neo and the others. Above all, he does not remain in his office to build plans; He goes to the field and wants to solve the problems. In person. Wet the shirt.
A smaller budget for more real actions
The first film had brought back the technique of the bullet time and delivered some magnificent fights. Then the second and third opus saw their budget doubled, which was not a good thing. Because the producers were made plaiz ‘and multiply the special effects based on computers and machines, we sweet to pass the scenes of fight to human dimension, stylish. An error (except the passage with the hundreds of Agent Smith, which is kept). A return to more human action scenes, worked, choreographed , would be welcome . More than slamming millions, it is a matter of spending them well. So hot for a series or not?