The Walking Dead Season 8: 3 Things You Want to See in the Trailer

Cinema 14 June, 2017

A little more than a month before the arrival of the trailer of season 8 of The Walking Dead, we list what you would absolutely want to see!
While waiting for autumn and the return of the zombies, and especially while waiting for the trailer of season 8 of The Walking Dead which should be broadcast during the Comic Con of San Diego this summer, we propose to you to examine what we Would like to see it. Do not hesitate to share your expectations for the next episode.
A scene more badass than Shiva
Since Ross Marquand (Aaron) has promised, we would like to have a glimpse of what could be cooler than Shiva in the trailer. Indeed the actor explained that Season 8 was going beyond the coolness of Season 7 and that this included also the tigress of Ezekiel . After this kind of teasing, you might as well tell us that we would like to know a little about what it is to put us in the mouth. This would allow us a little speculation until autumn to wait more easily until the 100th episode.
A war without mercy
As we already know, season 8 of The Walking Dead will be that of the great war between Rick and Negan that the readers of the comics know well. After a rather transitional season, it is hoped that the trailer of season 8 will show us the intensity of the battle that awaits us in the sequel . With the many Saviors on one side and Alexandria, Hilltop and the Kingdom on the other, we already know that there will be some damage.
More Interactions
Obviously, the time of a trailer is limited and it can be complicated to see characters talking to each other for long minutes. But we’d still like to know thanks to the trailer of the sequel that Rick, Carl, Carol, Daryl and the others are going to have real dialogues with each other and not just to establish their strategies of war or purely utilities. The dynamics of the series has suffered greatly from this lack of real dialogues and it is hoped that season 8 will show us more.
This is what closes our little wish-list for the trailer of the suite, waiting to know if this is what we will have right, go and test your knowledge to know if you know Maggie Rhee , emblematic character of The Walking Dead! So and you, what would you like to see in the trailer?