We tried the Huawei Watch 2 with the iPhone 7, and the result is wow!

Techno 10 April, 2017

The Huawei Watch 2 is a true technological jewel. This watch connected to Android Wear 2.0 is compatible with iOS. We tried it with an iPhone 7 and that’s what it gives!
Huawei hit a big hit with its Watch 2. Available in 3 versions including a 4G model, the new connected watch from Huawei is stand-alone. It can allow you to free yourself, definitely, from your smartphone. And yes, you will also be able to run without your mobile, while being able to be reached by message or even by telephone . Oh, is not it? The icing on the cake, this smartwatch Android Wear 2.0 is also compatible iOS. So, I tried it with an iPhone 7 and the pairing was done oklm.
Hardly twinned with the iPhone 7 via the Android Wear app, the Huawei Watch 2 recovers most of the apps installed on the headphone smartphone. This synchronization does not really happen at high speed V. But thanks to the new new Android Wear 2.0 operating system, the iPhone 7 “easily” accepts the connected watch from Huawei. The new “dock” of the watch, which is accessible by pressing the side button, allows for easy access to the apps and it’s really cool. And since the connected watch from Huawei offers fitness solutions and optimizes training , I look forward to swallowing the first few kilometers with my wrist connected . If you want to buy this watch that can already be coltiner,