The Walking Dead: Rick, Maggie, Dwight, Negan … Who were the best and worst characters of Season 7?

Cinema 29 May, 2017

A few weeks after the end of season 7 of The Walking Dead, a small return on the best and worst characters of the season.
The 7 of The Walking Dead season may well be over – you were told that of Negan or Rick had had more screentime in the first episodes – but that does not prevent us to continue to talk until season 8. Today We look at the best and worst characters of the season based on their actions but also on their evolutions over the episodes . Do not hesitate to tell us what, according to you, are the characters who have shined the most by their courage, their kindness or on the contrary their cruelty.
Maggie Rhee, formerly Greene. The season opened with the death of Glenn Rhee, her husband, but also the only member of her family who is still alive if her baby is not counted, a traumatic and decisive event. Yet rather than moping, dropping her arms or even running into the pile headed down to avenge Glenn’s death, Maggie got up and repeatedly showed her determination to create a better world. Through her actions and words, Maggie continued to pay tribute to Glenn’s memory by fighting to make the apocalyptic world in which she lives a better world for her child .
Discreet but always present, Jesus is faithful to the message borne by his first name since his appearance and has several times revealed himself as the savior of Rick and his group. Introducing the Alexandrians to the Hill and then to the Kingdom, Jesus allowed them all to find allies against Negan, but also to benefit from the commercial help possible between different communities. In addition to broadening their horizons, Jesus was always supportive of Maggie and Sasha during their stay at the Hill, placing themselves between Gregory and them when the current leader only thought of selling them to Savior and becoming a confidant for them. Protector of Carl when he found him on the road to the Sanctuary, Jesus also helped Daryl return to his own.
The third best character in Season 7 of The Walking Dead is for us Carl, who has grown from an annoying teenager and often creates problems to interesting and mature characters in few episodes. His episode at the Sanctuary alongside Negan was quite revealing of his evolution . Certainly, deciding to go and kill Saviors alone was not the smartest, but throughout the season Carl showed some pretty impressive courage and cold blood, especially when his father was on his knees – Figuratively and literally – facing Negan. A tough fighter who has had his share of serious injuries, Carl continues to fight and support Rick as he weakens and shows us the interesting journey of a child who grew up in a world populated by zombies.
Dwight serves as a transition between the best and the worst characters, even though he was one of the worst characters when he became acquainted with him, he became an unsuspected hero. Daryl’s torturer demonstrated amazing empathy, but proved that he did everything he did out of love and out of fear for Sheryl, because once he had escaped, he hurried to join the camp. Rick . We also learned a lot about his past and we also saw the grip of Negan on him. Difficult therefore not to feel a minimum of sympathy towards him, especially after his attack on the first confrontation between Rick and Negan.
Tied with Spencer Monroe, Gregory wins the winner of one of the worst characters of season 7 of The Walking Dead by combining the winning cocktail: treachery and cowardice. As brave as a mouse in front of a cat, Gregory folded at the whim of the Saviors and was ready to go so far as to deliver his refugees to buy Simon’s favors. In other words, his character did not seduce us and he tended to hit us on the nerves at each of his appearances.
Finally the palm of the worst personage obviously returns to Negan. Despite an astonishing charisma and a sharp sense of humor, Negan remains the one who killed Glenn and Abraham at the opening of the season and completely broke Rick. Scary until the final season, Negan is the character who scares especially when he laughs, who does not shrink from anything to show his ascendancy over his enemies and that makes his cruelty pass for a twisted sense of justice . In short, an iconic villain lived up to his reputation in the comics which gives us already looking forward to seeing his horrors in the sequel.
This closes our little tour of the characters who have strongly marked good or bad season 7. Obviously they are not the only ones, but it must be said that the evolution and presence of some have nevertheless been more marked than For others like Daryl or Carol. While waiting to know who will be the heroes of the next episodes, we wondered whether the characters of Fear The Walking Dead could be better in survival than those of The Walking Dead . What do you think were the best and worst characters in Season 7?