Lady Gaga tackled by The Chainsmokers, they apologize publicly

Entertainment 13 June, 2017

The Chainsmokers backtrack and apologize to the singer after clashing on her work.
Remember a few months ago, members of the band The Chainsmokers allowed themselves to clasher Lady Gaga and Rihanna, (whom Katy Perry dreams to have at his side during American Idol) . Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall had therefore dared to say that the song “Perfect Illusion” ‘feared’ the world. To which Gaga responded quickly “maybe you will like it more” by sending the second extract of her opus Joanne , “A-YO” . A small dispute that had made the cabbage fat of the press , and that had caused many celebrities to react, as producer Mark Ronson, who works with the interpreter of “Bad Romance”
The Chainsmokers apologized publicly to Lady Gaga after their clash
Invited by Howard Stern on the radio recently, The Chainsmokers wanted to apologize publicly and put things in context. “We’ve been explaining things since, because it was really out of context, we were told how much we respected her as an artist, but simply, we were not a fan of her new song. ” Was badly expressed, ” he explained first before Alex added, “I felt bad. I do not think it’s cool to express that kind of judgment anyway.” Now that he is known, the young man must learn to watch what he says: ” It was a good lesson for many reasons.
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