The Walking Dead Season 7: All the references and easter eggs you have missed!

Cinema 23 April, 2017

Season 7 of The Walking Dead may be over, but you may still have a lot of surprises in store for you!
He’ll have to wait until autumn to find Rick Grimes and company in new adventures and so Melty continues to help you wait until then. While we were wondering yesterday whether Eugene was already on the side of Negan before the death of Glenn and Abraham in season 7 of The Walking Dead , today we offer you a small return on all the easter eggs and the little surprises that The screenwriters have scattered here and there in the season. As some already know, the production team, and especially executive producer and special effects specialist Greg Nicotero, is very fond of making references to the world of zombies or comics and here are some of the seasons . The first little gesture has just been made, Abraham in the first episode, just before he was killed by Negan. He has time to raise 2 fingers and make the peace sign “to Sasha since it’s something that the two characters shared in several episodes, even before being coupled.
The second element is more global as it is the cult scenes of comedies repeated on the screen like the death of Glenn and his eye, Carl who raises his headband to show his wound to Negan, Dwight who chooses to put on “Good” side or Maggie who is about to become the leader of Hilltop. Third reference: when Daryl was imprisoned at the Sanctuary, Negan said, “You do not scare easy” ( “You will not let you easily impress” ), the same words as Merle told Glenn in season 3 when the interrogates. Coincidence? Probably not. The fourth “surprise” Was to be found in the credits of The Walking Dead since objects referring to the characters are often associated with their name. However, it was necessary to wait a few episodes to know why an iron in an oven was the object associated with the name of Jeffrey Dean Morgan aka Negan …
A sad wink is sent to Denise when Negan drinks orange soda, the same as the one Denise absolutely wanted to give to Tara before she went on a supply mission in season 6. In the Episode 4 is a wink to Glenn that is addressed when a Savior wants to take the green balloons in Enid’s bag, the same balloons with which Glenn and she made it clear to Maggie that ‘They were alive when they returned to Alexandria in Season 6. This is not the only one since the baseball cap worn by Maggie necessarily recalls our favorite pizza delivery man while his leather mitts pay tribute to Abraham . Season 7 also makes a quick reference to the universe of ”
Georgia is honored in “New Best Friends” when Daryl and Richard fight in front of a truck on which is painted a scene of the film “Smokey and the Bandit” which was filmed in Georgia … and whose Hero wears a cowboy hat. Finally the series referred to a theory dating from 1982 and that Rick states in season 5 . He explains to Jessie the theory of the broken window that this represents disorder in a community while windows in good condition symbolize stability. In the next episode, he tackles Pete through a window and begins a period of chaos. And when Negan arrives at Alexandria in “Service”, he breaks a window and signals the return of disorder and violence. So many friendly references that create a kind of game with the viewer, and it’s not to mention the many cameos of Greg Nicotero in walker and even of his children to play the inhabitants of the Kingdom, or even zombies paying homage to films of Zombies. Until we know what surprises are waiting for us in the future, find out how long since the beginning of The Walking Dead . Have you found any other references? Discover how much time has passed since the beginning of The Walking Dead .