The Walking Dead Season 7: Negan, who made him aware of Rick’s plan?

Cinema 27 March, 2017

The ideas of Rick’s revolt and his team are now known to Negan. Who is the traitor in this season 7 of The Walking Dead?
The Season Finale of season 7 of The Walking Dead is less than a week away and it smells of fir for our heroes! It is now official, Negan is aware of the small revolt organized by Rick and his team . A crucial detail since this information will push the Saviors to go to Alexandria in the final episode of this seventh season of the AMC show. Will our heroes be taken by surprise? But most of all, did the person or persons who betrayed Rick reoffend during the fight? To whom would Rick never have had to trust? We take stock of suspects …
One more swelling in The Walking Dead ! Gregory does not like Rick, does not hide it and loves to play the lick boots with the Saviors. It would not be very surprising if he had spit out the piece. But when did he have the opportunity to do it? Yes, he had a discussion with Simon rather compromising in episode 14 but has the info already had time to go up to Negan? One thing is certain, this good old Greg has the motive and the envy and therefore makes a very good suspect . If his betrayal has not yet taken place, it will not be long …
If there is indeed a coward in history, it is he! Has Eugene pushed vice until revealing to Negan the plan of his friends / saviors? Has it reached the point of no return? It is hoped that if it does, it will pay the expensive price … Will it be part of the dead Season Finale of season 7 of The Walking Dead? Answer Sunday night!
How can Rick trust such a group? From the outset, the Scavengers seem totally disloyal and their leader Once in the lead (already, with such a haircut, impossible to give him the good god without confession!) … By taking the weapons harvested by the inhabitants of Alexandria And by associating themselves with the Saviors, they have everything to gain. So we vote for Jadis as a chief traitor!
The Mystery Traitor
Last hypothesis and not the least! Perhaps the one that the fans expect the least and which would deviate most comics … Would there be a balance inside the group of Rick? For several months already, many fans find Enid very suspect and accuse him of treason … Perso, one does not really believe! Answer Sunday night next in Season Finale of season 7 of The Walking Dead ! And you then? Who is the mole according to you?