Arrow Season 5: The Team in Danger, 5 Ways to Solve the End Cliffhanger!

While Arrow's season 5 ended on a huge cliffhanger, discover five ways to start the next chapter of the show!
What have they become ? Yes, the ...

4 June, 2017
Empire season 3: Season Finale, SPOILER loses memory, our critic

After the Season Final of the season 3 of Empire, everything could change for Lyon. Check out our review of "Toil and Trouble, Part 2"!
Last week, ...

25 May, 2017
Arrow season 5: Season Finale, the future of the Team very uncertain, our review

The Arrow Season 5 Season Finals leave doubt about the future of Oliver's Team. Check out our review of "Lian Yu"!
Last night, in episode 23 of ...

25 May, 2017
Arrow season 5: Episode 23, SPOILER sacrifices himself in the Season Finale

Last night, The CW broadcast the Season Finale of Arrow's Season 5. In this episode 23, a character has sacrificed himself, yes but which one?
Last ...

25 May, 2017
Jane The Virgin Season 3: Season Finale, SPOILER in Danger and a new romance for Jane, our critic

While a character is in danger, Jane has found her first love in the Season Finale of Jane The Virgin's Season 3. Check out our review of "Chapter ...

23 May, 2017
Game of Thrones: Can you name ALL the important characters dead in the series?

Game of Thrones is known for its cruelty and before the broadcast of the season 7, little questioning on all the deaths of the series.
July 16 is ...

22 May, 2017
Scandal Season 6: Season Finale, Olivia yields to her dark side, our critic

The truth finally broke out in episodes 15 and 16 of Scandal's season 6. Discover our review of the Season Finale!
If the identity of the real big ...

19 May, 2017
Gray’s Anatomy Season 13: Episode 24, 3 key moments of this Season Finale

Last night, ABC was broadcasting Season Final of season 13 of Gray's Anatomy. As expected, this episode was intense and heartbreaking. Discover ...

19 May, 2017
Arrow season 5: Episode 22, Oliver, Malcolm and Nyssa united against Chase, our critic!

While the episode 22 of the season 5 of Arrow has just been broadcast on the CW, let's return together on the main lines of "Missing"!
It's almost ...

18 May, 2017
Gray’s Anatomy Season 13: Episode 23, SPOILER is sacrificing, our critic

While Owen received shocking news, a doctor experienced a tragic fate in episode 23 of Gray's Anatomy season 13. Discover our review of "True ...

12 May, 2017
Arrow season 5: Episode 21, did Oliver really beat Chase? Our criticism

Oliver finally took the lead on Chase in episode 21 of Arrow's season 5 but for how long? Check out our review of "Honor Thy Fathers"!
Last week, ...

11 May, 2017
Prison Break, the Revival: Episode 6, An almost impossible escape? Our criticism!

While episode 6 of the Revival of Prison Break was broadcast last night on the FOX, let us return together on the highlights of "Phaecia"!
A ...

10 May, 2017
Riverdale: Episode 12, we finally know who killed Jason Blossom!

This is no longer a secret, episode 12 of Riverdale revealed who was the murderer of Jason Blossom. Check out our review of "Anatomy of a Murder"! ...

5 May, 2017
Riverdale: Episode 10, Veronica Ready to Break the Truth

The War between the Blossom and the Lodge became more virulent in episode 10 of Riverdale. Discover our review of "The Lost Weekend"!
Last week, ...

14 April, 2017
Gray’s Anatomy Season 13: Episode 20, Should Meredith Stop Flying? Our criticism

Last night, the American channel ABC broadcast episode 20 of season 13 of Gray's Anatomy. Then discover our review of "In the Air Tonight".
After ...

14 April, 2017
The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 15, Back to Oceanside, our critic!

While the Season 7 episode of The Walking Dead was broadcast last night on AMC, let's get back together about the events that marked "Something They ...

27 March, 2017
The Walking Dead Season 7: Negan, who made him aware of Rick’s plan?

The ideas of Rick's revolt and his team are now known to Negan. Who is the traitor in this season 7 of The Walking Dead?
The Season Finale of ...

27 March, 2017
The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 13, Morgan reaches a point of no return, our critic!

While Season 7 episode 13 of The Walking Dead was broadcast last night on AMC, let's get back together on the major events that have marked "Bury Me ...

13 March, 2017
The Blacklist season 4: Episode 15, SPOILER betrays Red, our review

Red discovered who had betrayed him in episode 15 of season 4 of The Blacklist. Discover our review of "The Apothecary"!
Last week, you were told ...

24 February, 2017
The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 10, why did Daryl lie to SPOILER? Norman Reedus answers!

Why did not Daryl tell the truth to SPOILER in episode 10 of season 7 of The Walking Dead? Norman Reedus explains.
A new chapter of the series was ...

20 February, 2017
Riverdale: Episode 4, a character banished from the city, our critic

A character was forced to leave the city in episode 4 of Riverdale. Discover the criticism of "Chapter Four: The Last Picture Show"!
What's Miss ...

17 February, 2017
Riverdale: Episode 2, a suspect arrested, our critic

While Archie hesitated to talk to the police, a first suspect was arrested in episode 2 of Riverdale. Discover our review of "Chapter Two: A Touch of ...

3 February, 2017
Arrow season 5: Episode 11, good news for Diggle and the Team, our review

While Felicity tried to help John, Oliver left on the trail of a new Black Canary in episode 11 of Arrow's season 5. Discover our review of "Second ...

2 February, 2017
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Selena Gomez and The Weeknd, Kim Kardashian: Our Top People of January!

This year 2017 started very strong among celebrities! While ex-Brangelina reconciled, Selena Gomez found love in the arms of The Weeknd while Kim ...

31 January, 2017
More beautiful life, the roommate: Nathan and Sabrina make fun of Fremont, the recap ‘of the week on France 3

Life at the Mistral continues for the roommates of Plus Belle La Vie. While Sabrina hopes to become a millionaire, Nathan remains equal to himself by ...

14 January, 2017
Gray’s Anatomy Season 13: The couple Japril, the father of Jackson, Sarah Drew tease the sequel!

What happiness ! Sarah Drew just teaser the sequel of the season 13 of Gray's Anatomy and there will be Japril! Discover his confidences ...
As we ...

11 January, 2017
Once Upon A Time Season 6 Episode 10, the identity of the murderer of Emma unveiled and a familiar face back our criticism

More mystery, the Midseason Finale of season 6 of Once Upon A Time unveiled that is about to kill Emma. Discover our review of "Wish You Were Here!" ...

5 December, 2016
The Vampire Diaries Season 8: Episode 6, two new victims for Cade, our criticism

Last night the US channel The CW aired episode 6 of season 8 of The Vampire Diaries. Then discover our critique of "Backwoods detoured On Some Random ...

3 December, 2016

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