Scandal Season 6: Season Finale, Olivia yields to her dark side, our critic

Cinema 19 May, 2017

The truth finally broke out in episodes 15 and 16 of Scandal’s season 6. Discover our review of the Season Finale!
If the identity of the real big bad was revealed in episode 14 of season 6 of Scandal , the double episode of this week has shown us that things are not always what they seem to be. The editor of melty reveals the criticism of the Season Final of season 6 of Scandal. “Tick, Tock” opens on Fitz, Rowan, David and Olivia trying to track down Maya with Jake’s help. Mama Pope has made all the money, billions of dollars! Obviously, Maya evaporated but Jake understands that her plan is to kill Mellie! While Olivia suggests to the President to change her plans, Jake finally finds Maya in good company in a hotel room. It’s a little too easy, is not it? Maya swears that ” She wants to protect her daughter and tells Rowan that if anything happens to Olivia … it will be her fault! If one thought that Rowan was the king of the intense monologue, Maya makes him pass for a little gambler with his speech about being a black woman and the ingratitude of that. Khandi Alexander deserves to be named to the Emmys for this scene, already cult, of season 6 of Scandal . Olivia puts Quinn and her team on the hook to find the person her mother hired to kill Mellie. If Maya surprises us by his perseverance, we also admire the patience of Rowan! They both accuse each other of putting Olivia in danger but eventually find common ground by recalling the memory of their family. As much to say that this conversation is trying for Papa Pope! At OPA, Quinn asked Abby about bank accounts that could be used to pay Mellie’s murderer. If Quinn is not ready to forgive Abby, the latter confesses that she simply wants to help. The new boss of OPA then decides to give him a chance in season 6 of Scandal .
Later, Olivia understands that her father believes Maya. As for Fitz, he confesses to Mellie that he would cancel the inauguration because he knows what it is to be shot and proves it in a speech as powerful as it is moving. But the final decision comes back to Mellie because it is HIS day. At OPA, Abby suggests following the money to determine who is the assassin and discovers that it is Maya . But then who hired Mama Pope in Season 6 of Scandal ? Olivia tries to find out by playing the loving girl but her mother does not fall in the panel. Olivia then gives him 30 seconds to reveal who hired her but, Maya does not speak. Olivia does not hesitate to strangle her own mother! It is stopped in extremis by Jake. Olivia then apologizes to Mellie for not being able to keep her cool but Mellie does not resent it and does not intend to cancel its inauguration. This is a moment for Mellie, for Olivia and for all the women of the planet. Who run the world? Girls! Liv thinks it is necessary to release Maya so that she leads Fitz and her team straight to the one who hired her. If the President is not convinced, Jake knows that Olivia is right. They release Maya while her daughter promises to watch her and kill her if she ever gets back into Scandal’s Season 6 . As for Quinn, she tells Abby she is pregnant. Can people like her and Charlie really have a child or will they end up like Rowan and Maya? After Olivia left Maya, Rowan wants the return of the B613 and Fitz as Commander while Liv tells Mellie that she will not let her down …
In “Transfer of Power,” Olivia does not want to argue with Fitz for their last night at the White House while Maya creates a diversion to remove her chip. During the inauguration, Maya seizes the weapon of a sniper and by telephone, she confesses to his daughter that Mellie is not the target! However, nothing happens because Maya is neutralized by Rowan in season 6 of Scandal . Olivia is convinced that her mother was trying to kill the person who wanted to get rid of Mellie. However, the latter does not care because she is alive and the inauguration went perfectly well. Meanwhile, Quinn wants to let Abby take over the reins of OPA because she plans to s’ To live a boring and normal life for his future child. For her part, Olivia learns that the B613 is restored and that Fitz will be the Commander, she wanted her boyfriend to stay in Washington but not to lead the organization that ruined her life and that of her father. Later, Fitz must leave, he has a foundation to lead. After very cold farewells with Olivia, the former President is about to take the helicopter. The young woman caught up with him and kissed him in front of the entire assembly of journalists but did not care. How not to fall under the spell of this moment of Olitz , very authentic and probably missing the end of an era … Remembering the last few months, Olivia understands that her mother was aimed at the guilty: Luna Vargas!
Maya reveals to her daughter that by taking her and Rowan, no one should be able to put her down. On the OPA side, Abby will not take Quinn’s place but will help him with his baby. The new leader then tells Charlie that he will soon be dad while Mellie invites Cyrus to his inaugural ball. As for Olivia, she found the solution to Luna . Liv is about to kill another VP or rather to force Luna to commit suicide in season 6 of Scandal . Wanting to die as a heroine, Luna decides to do so. Later, Olivia prevents Mellie from fully financializing the B613. This is Liv herself who will lead the organization! She announces the news to her father, telling her that she ‘ Will not hesitate to kill him if he gets in his way. Later, she finds Cyrus and understands that it is he who has planted the seeds gradually in Luna’s mind so that she falls and can become VP. Now he and Olivia are the two most powerful people in the world. This double episode was a very nice conclusion of this season 6 completely crazy, fascinating and addictive. This Season Finale was powerful and serious with his speeches full of depth, his silences heavy with meaning and his numerous twists that never ceased to surprise us. This leads us to a seventh and final season of even darker Scandal , with an evil and powerful Olivia, controlling the White House and the B613 and above all, Not afraid to kill to achieve his ends. We can not wait to be back! And you, what did you think of the Season Finale of the season 6 of Scandal?