Riverdale: Episode 10, Veronica Ready to Break the Truth

Cinema 14 April, 2017

The War between the Blossom and the Lodge became more virulent in episode 10 of Riverdale. Discover our review of “The Lost Weekend”!
Last week, Archie was seduced by the Blossom family in episode 9 of Riverdale and discovered a connection between Clifford and Hiram. Is Veronica’s father responsible for Jason’s death? Is that someone else? Melty’s editor unveils his criticism of Riverdale’s episode 10 . “The Lost Weekend” opens with images from Archie, Betty, Ronnie, Jughead and the others studying in high school, contrasting with those of a party where debauchery seems to be queen … Fred is ready to divorce Mother of Archie but the hero would like her parents to try to reconcile. Meanwhile, Hiram’s lawyer tries to convince Ronnie to testify to “humanize” her father. In addition, Absence of the girl could be disastrous for the trial but she is camping on her positions. However, everything could change now that Archie revealed to him that Cliff Blossom was perhaps responsible for the imprisonment of Hiram. But why ? Yeah, every rebound opens the door to many mysteries and issues in Riverdale! When Archie tells Betty that Jughead’s birthday is approaching, the pretty blonde decides to take matters into her own hands by organizing a party for her. But is it really a good idea? Her boyfriend hates her birthday! FP and Archie confirm! Another problem, Chuck Clayton returns to high school. Remember, this is Jason’s BFF, tortured by Betty and Ronnie.
Fortunately, Jughead’s birthday is a good escape so Archie finally offers his house to party. Fred is going to be happy! If Betty seems to have convinced FP to make an appearance at Jughead’s birthday, Alice advises her to stay cautious with her boyfriend. We do not know you but we like to see this new facet, much more human and sensitive, of the mother of Betty. We finally like this Alice Cooper! Meanwhile, Veronica tries to understand the bond between Cliff Blossom and his father. She discovers monthly payments from Blossom to Lodge Industries until … Hiram is arrested. Has Cheryl’s father trapped Veronica’s to stop paying? Everything is possible in Riverdale ! However, Hermione does not intend to dig anymore because it could become for public opinion the motive of Jason’s murder. Is Hiram responsible? In this business seems to be cleared up, it always ends up becoming even more mysterious. In any case, Ronnie plans to fight Cheryl in high school and win the first round. But Miss Blossom counter-attacked by asking Chuck for help. It does not laugh anymore! Veronica finds her father’s lawyer who gives her a letter from Hiram. The latter is rather persuasive. Archie, Betty, Kevin, Ronnie and Ethel surprise Jughead as expected. And while Betty is playing Marylin Monroe, Jughead is obviously not delighted … Later, Archie confides to Ronnie about the divorce of her parents and explains that ” He chose his father rather than his mother. That gives us even more desire to know Mrs. Andrews.
Ronnie, meanwhile, is shocked by her father’s threats. In any case, Hiram appears to us more and more terrifying in Riverdale . While Jughead is already pissed off because of this party, half the high school is invited. Holy Cheryl! While Veronica finally learns that FP is the father of Jughead, Chuck does not hesitate to provoke Betty. And as if that were not enough, an enormous dispute erupts between the girl and Jughead. The latter has very hard words towards her girlfriend and shows her dark side. He might not be the only one to do it now that Cheryl launches the game “Secrets and Sins” . The secrets of Archie, Betty and Cheryl are no more. The party degenerates and we thank FP d ‘ But also for his advice to his son not to drop Betty. On the other hand, it seems that he has a troubled past with Alice! The open-hearted revelations of Jughead and Betty as well as Archie and Ronnie prove that all have something dark and broken in them. After spending the night with Archie, Ronnie decided to testify in favor of her father to save her mother. She wants to find out the truth about Jason’s murder and her father’s guilt. Is FP responsible? The vise tightens around Jughead’s father! Finally, Archie’s mother finally gets home. She too must have a ton of well-kept secrets … but not for long. If Riverdale gets darker, “The Lost Weekend” Gave us some keys and still seduces us as much with its different layers of mysteries. It is always more interesting to understand the bonds that unite all these characters so endearing. Before finding a new episode on April 27th , find out if a new death could hit our heroes in Riverdale . And you, what did you think of Riverdale’s episode 10?