KJ Apa (Riverdale) breaks out in Paris!

Guess who has just arrived in Paris this week? We welcome KJ Apa, the actor of Riverdale ...
It is a real success for the new CW TV show ! Yes, if ...

1 June, 2017
Riverdale Season 2: 5 Questions for the Next Season!

Riverdale's episode 13 introduced new great mysteries! Discover 5 questions that all fans are asking themselves since the Season Finale!
In the ...

16 May, 2017
Riverdale: Episode 13, A New Murder, Our Critic of the Season Finale!

While Riverdale's episode 13 has just been aired on the CW, let's get back together about the highlights of "The Sweet Hereafter"!
It's already ...

12 May, 2017
Riverdale: Episode 12, we finally know who killed Jason Blossom!

This is no longer a secret, episode 12 of Riverdale revealed who was the murderer of Jason Blossom. Check out our review of "Anatomy of a Murder"! ...

5 May, 2017
KJ Apa (Riverdale) accused of fat shaming, he is violently clasher on the Web!

New controversy for KJ Apa! While the young man makes sensation in the series Riverdale, he finds himself in the middle of an enormous scandal ... ...

27 April, 2017
Riverdale: Episode 10, Veronica Ready to Break the Truth

The War between the Blossom and the Lodge became more virulent in episode 10 of Riverdale. Discover our review of "The Lost Weekend"!
Last week, ...

14 April, 2017
Riverdale: Episode 9, Archie is seduced by the Blossom family, our critic!

While Riverdale's episode 9 was broadcast last night on the CW, let's go back in detail on the events that marked "The Great Illusion"!
A beautiful ...

7 April, 2017
Westworld season 2: Samurai World, Labyrinth, choice of Maeve, all the latest news!

Gathered in Los Angeles, the cast of Westworld has unveiled a lot of secrets around the series, while teasing the season 2 planned for 2018. We tell ...

28 March, 2017
Riverdale: Episode 7, Jughead Suspected of Jason’s Murder, Our Critic!

While Riverdale's episode 7 has just been broadcast on the CW, let's get back together about the major events in "In a Lonely Place"!
What a twist! ...

10 March, 2017
Riverdale: Episode 6, Polly unveils truth, criticism

Polly unveiled his truth about Jason in episode 6 of Riverdale. Check out our review of "Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill!"
Last week, secrets were ...

3 March, 2017
Riverdale: Episode 5, Revealed Family Secrets, Our Critic

Few hours after the release of Riverdale's episode 5, discover our review of "Heart of Darkness". Warning, spoilers!
Last night, The CW was ...

24 February, 2017
Riverdale: Betty and Jughead coming together?

Will Archie's BFFs end up together? What if Betty and Jughead were going to pair in the next episodes of Riverdale?
Since the beginning of the ...

20 February, 2017
Riverdale: Episode 4, a character banished from the city, our critic

A character was forced to leave the city in episode 4 of Riverdale. Discover the criticism of "Chapter Four: The Last Picture Show"!
What's Miss ...

17 February, 2017
Clem, Gray’s Anatomy, Riverdale, The 100: 5 couples must break for Valentine’s Day!

This is Valentine's Day and, on this occasion, some couples should take advantage of it to question themselves and to separate for good. We take ...

15 February, 2017
The day when … Riverdale has shaken up the kind of teen show!

Been to Riverdale? Share your experiences! Write a Review Add Photos Add Videos Do you love his staging and his way of reporting abuses with ...

12 February, 2017
Riverdale: Episode 3, The Revenge of Veronica and Betty, Our Critic

A few hours after the broadcast of the episode 3 of Riverdale, discover our review!
Last night, The CW was broadcasting episode 3 of Riverdale . ...

10 February, 2017
Riverdale: Episode 2, a suspect arrested, our critic

While Archie hesitated to talk to the police, a first suspect was arrested in episode 2 of Riverdale. Discover our review of "Chapter Two: A Touch of ...

3 February, 2017
Riverdale: After The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars, the new teen show to follow closely

While we're going to have to say goodbye to The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars or Teen Wolf this year, a new teen show is going to point the ...

4 January, 2017
Riverdale: The launch date of the new series of The CW unveiled

Finally ! The American network The CW has unveiled the launch date of its highly anticipated new series, I named Riverdale.

2017 looks good . ...

19 November, 2016