Westworld season 2: Samurai World, Labyrinth, choice of Maeve, all the latest news!

Cinema 28 March, 2017

Gathered in Los Angeles, the cast of Westworld has unveiled a lot of secrets around the series, while teasing the season 2 planned for 2018. We tell you everything!
Westworld, it was still a nice slap. The first season, broadcast on HBO from last October, has met with immense popular and critical success. What is troublesome is that season 2 will not see the day before 2018, which is an eternity in the series world. But in the meantime, Westworld is always talking about her. Last Saturday evening, a large part of the cast of the series was gathered in Los Angeles for the PaleyFest festival . The opportunity to come back to the (many) secrets that surround the series, and put the mouth water in regards to the sequel. First, we learn from James Mardsen (Teddy Flood) that the actors themselves were unaware of the true meaning of the famous Labyrinth that is discussed throughout Season 1.
Then, and it gets more interesting, it’s about the new worlds, other than the Wild West, that might have been created in the park. We all saw, during the flight of Maeve in the final season, hosts dressed in Samourai outfits being tested. Can we imagine that season 2 will be centered on feudal Japan? Without saying anything more, Thandie Newton (Maeve), has teased a third world: “Under the sea, no man, only fish” . It’s intriguing! Just when we talk about the character of Maeve, the creator of Westworld Jonathan Nolan confirmed a theory around the last choice made by the host. While she was on the train to leave the park after her escape, Maeve chose to turn back, certainly to see her “daughter” again. Is it free will or an umpteenth code decided by a programmer? Here’s Nolan’s answer: “For me, it’s a very moving moment in the series, because you are attending the first free will of one of Westworld’s hosts.” It is now clear.
Otherwise , and there it is quite unusual, Nolan explained that the writers had to rewrite part of the plot of season 2 because of the fans . Indeed on Reddit, some aficionados have already imagined the scenarios foreseen by the authors, requiring them to change certain elements. The joys of the internet! Finally, the showrunners of the series explained that the structure of the season 1, built on several different chronologies, would not necessarily be reintroduced in the sequel, so as to surprise yet again and again the viewer. Lisa Joy, co-creator of Westworld, said “If the integration of different timelines in season 1 made sense, especially to understand the plot around Dolores.