KJ Apa (Riverdale) breaks out in Paris!

Entertainment 1 June, 2017

Guess who has just arrived in Paris this week? We welcome KJ Apa, the actor of Riverdale …
It is a real success for the new CW TV show ! Yes, if it was not easy to say goodbye to the characters of The Vampire Diaries , the leaders of the chain had the excellent idea to launch their new TV show at the right time. It’s a full box for the television adaptation of the comic, Riverdale . New actors, unknown to the battalion, succeeded in attracting all eyes, including Archie’s interpreter. You do not know KJ Apa yet ? Here are 5 things to absolutely know about him . For the fans of the young man, know that the actor with the red hair is currently in Paris. If this is not excellent news?
For his first day on Paris, KJ Apa has done strong! Obviously, a passage on the side of the Eiffel Tower was obligatory for the young man. Thereafter, Archie’s interpreter in Riverdale borrowed a Vélib ‘to go around Paris, in the company of his friend. Yes, if we now know if KJ Apa is single or a couple , he likes to spend the vast majority of his time with his BFF. Before that, it was his new friend and actor from Riverdale , Cole Sprouse who was in the capital. Who knows, the two bro are perhaps going to find themselves very soon to enjoy the beautiful weather Paris. So, what do you think of KJ Apa?