Riverdale: Episode 2, a suspect arrested, our critic

Cinema 3 February, 2017

While Archie hesitated to talk to the police, a first suspect was arrested in episode 2 of Riverdale. Discover our review of “Chapter Two: A Touch of Evil”.
Is the Riverdale series worth a look? After the first episode aired last week, we showed you our verdict . As much to say that the pilot had convinced us and wanted to see the continuation of the teen show that wants to be very different from the other series proposed by the CW. Episode 2 of Riverdale he confirmed our first impression? The editorial of melty you to discover his criticism of “Chapter Two: A Touch of Evil.” As you can imagine, the discovery of the dead body of Jason Blossom, shot with a bullet in his head, destroyed all the hopes of the inhabitants and plunged the city in an even more burdensome atmosphere than before. An atmosphere that one feels thanks to the dark and agonizing music of this beginning of episode. Archie feels guilty. Mrs Grundy still refuses to talk to the police about the shooting they heard and to top it all, Betty refuses to speak to him in Riverdale . But this is finally settled quickly despite the recommendations of his mother, Alice, still so detestable! Betty also forgives Veronica who does not return herself but after all, how to resist against cupcakes?
Meanwhile, the town sheriff made an announcement to the effect that the investigation Blossom Jason is now a homicide investigation . Cheryl wants his revenge and even throws a hashtag to find the culprit. There is one who lives with her time! Following the strange behavior of Archie, the main Weatherbee and his best friend Jughead, begins to suspect in Riverdale . While Betty finally has more trouble to forget her weekend, Weatherbee asks to talk to Archie who begins to panic. Geraldine Grundy confesses her feelings are true and convinces him to say nothing to protect their story. Except that Jughead sees them! Later, Veronica and Betty argue and Archie BFF proves that it is perhaps not as nice she looks. As she gets closer to Cheryl, she asks a ton of questions about her sister Polly, Jason’s girlfriend. Cheryl suggests she could have killed her brother. Betty is out of her and shows her dark side by promising to kill her if she does not leave home. Is the sweet Betty finally able to kill in Riverdale? Mystery! Meanwhile, Jughead thinks that Mrs Grundy is trying to convince Archie to keep quiet to protect herself and that she is playing with him. The tone rises and this time it is the hero who shows his dark side!
The next day, Alice purifies her daughter’s room after passing Cheryl. That made us laugh! But she still prevents Betty from visiting her sister. Reggie, whom we will also love to hate, accuses Jughead then Archie of having killed Jason which triggers a fight but also convinces the hero to speak in the main. While the football game, dedicated to Jason, begins, Cheryl feels like seeing her brother in Archie. She bursts into tears and confesses to Veronica that her brother was supposed to come back. Whaaaat? Would Jason have engineered his disappearance that would have gone wrong? Probably! As Archie goes to the Principal’s office, the Sheriff comes in and arrests Cheryl, who confesses herself to being guilty. In addition, we learn that Jason is not dead on July 4 but a week later. But what really happened? If this second episode of Riverdale was less than revelation, the twist and the final confession was even more surprising and disturbing as the driver. The mystery is getting bigger and personalities are unveiling more and more. We wait to see episode 3 of Riverdale early Thursday evening. Meanwhile, also discover the Viking series of week program at The 100. And you, what did you think of the episode 2 of Riverdale?