The day when … Riverdale has shaken up the kind of teen show!

Cinema 12 February, 2017

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Hello everyone! On this rainy Sunday, I find you for a whole new chronicle. While I invited you to relive the day when … the superheroes came to power on American television , I wanted to come back to one of the events of this mid-season on the CW : Arrival of Riverdale. Based on the Archie Comics, the series plunges us into an atmosphere as captivating as disturbing contrary to the clichés that usually make law in teen-shows. Riverdale is a modern-day series that draws on the problems of our generation without worrying about the scenarios seen and revisited. For if the series offers us the stereotypes of the characters that we are accustomed to cross in teen shows, it is to better break the codes and denounce the injustices yet too familiar of the high school students . Produced by Greg Berlanti, past master in the art of getting strong messages across the small screen, Riverdale almost did not happen. Indeed, a pilot had already been refused in 2014 before being improved in 2015 when the success of the producer has completely exploded. Thanks to an irreproachable staging, a gifted cast and a red thread, Riverdale brings together all the ingredients that could make her a huge success.
And his first asset lies clearly in his way of associating a very 60’s style with extremely modern characters. This offers a very interesting contrast. And to tell the truth, I had the regular impression of seeing Sandy or Danny de Grease at a time when everything would be allowed including getting out of the boxes. The women who, at that time, had to struggle to impose their views, are real fighters here. Secret, strong, intelligent and determined not to let themselves go, they have everything to inspire us in a world where sexism has unfortunately not disappeared . Everything is subtle in Riverdale and above all, everything is assumed. So yes, the basic recipe follows the pattern of hundreds of teen shows before it but if you really pay attention, you will see that it often comes out of the box. The last episode has brilliantly addressed the delicate subject of slut-shaming unfortunately so present at the time when all our actions and gestures are tracked on the internet.
But Riverdale also stands out by offering to follow the adventures of heroes far from being irreproachable. Even Betty, who seems so smooth and sweet at first, proves to be complex and unsuspected. Where we would have expected clear intrigues from the start, we had the right to total blurring. And yes, the love triangle Betty / Archie / Veronica that would have been so easy to exploit lasted only one episode. Likewise, Archie, crazy in love with his music teacher, nevertheless cracked for Veronica. This translated to perfection the sometimes confused feelings and emotions that one can feel when one is a teenager . Riverdale is also returning to the teen show’s first steps by focusing on young people rather than lingering too long on the problems of adults … at least for now. In doing so, the suspense grows thicker and we are still more delighted to know what really happened in order for Alice Cooper to commit such hatred to Jason Blossom.
Personally, I think I first cracked for the beauty of the pictures. Riverdale has a rarely matched aesthetic that gives it a real identity . A universe clearly enriched by a soundtrack deep and well brought. No question of turning the show into a musical, music serves, embellishes and highlights the storylines in order to give them that timeless dimension that we love so much. Because even if the series were to be canceled in the coming months, it will have left its imprint on the American network. Do not rely on appearances, Riverdale is far from being a teen-show like the others. As for the murder of Jason, I still have the feeling that Miss Grundy is too wary for it to be really possible. Why did you stop Archie from entrusting what he had heard? He never intended to involve her. On the other hand, it is clear that she exerts a very unhealthy influence on the young man. Does it have anything to do with Jason’s disappearance? One thing is certain, this series is a real breath of fresh air in my eyes and after having literally cracked for Dawson, Newport Beach or even Les Frères Scott, I am eager to fall in love with Riverdale.
That’s all for me meltynauts! Do not hesitate to take a look at the day when … Clem has become a must on TF1 . We meet on 26 February for a new chronicle <3 And by then, take care of yourself. Have a comment for Riverdale?