Riverdale: Episode 3, The Revenge of Veronica and Betty, Our Critic

Cinema 10 February, 2017

A few hours after the broadcast of the episode 3 of Riverdale, discover our review!
Last night, The CW was broadcasting episode 3 of Riverdale . Entitled “Body Double” , the episode dealt with a very current subject and yet quite recurrent in teen-shows: slut shaming. It all starts with Veronica, who agrees to go with Chuck, one of the most popular guys in high school. But after the evening spent with two, Veronica finds herself in the middle of a scandal in high school, with a picture of her that turns on the students’ phones. Determined to take revenge, she embarks on Betty’s adventure and other girls (including Ethel, a character played by Shannon Purser, known for her short role as Barb in Stranger Things) in order to make masks fall in the high school boys. This intrigue once again allowed Betty and Veronica to get closer, thus sealing their friendship for good . The dynamic between the two protagonists is in any case formidable, showing us that this friendship is a real highlight in the series.
Parallel to all this, Archie confessed to having heard a shot at the night when Jason disappeared. Obviously, he left the name of Miss Gundry out of all this, but the end of the episode reveals that the secret relationship between the two characters could well be revealed to the big day soon. In any case, the father of Archie seems to have kiffé the teacher of music and one already imagines complications thereafter between father and son. The hero of the series clearly did not have the most interesting role this week. As we said above, the girls were at the heart of the plot. Besides, Betty’s revenge revealed a rather bizarre side of her personality when she took herself for her sister, Polly, addressing Chuck as if he were Jason . One wonders what the writers reserve us on this side …
One thing is certain: with this episode Riverdale proves once again that this is one of the best series of this mid-season. The mystery intensifies around Jason’s death and the Blossom family seems to hide many secrets . For the moment, no character attracts suspicions, but the whole thing should unveil in the coming weeks. In any case, we are already fan of the series and we look forward to discovering next week on the CW or on Netflix. In the meantime, discover our Top Series of January 2017! What did you think of “Body Double”?