Riverdale: Episode 5, Revealed Family Secrets, Our Critic

Entertainment 24 February, 2017

Few hours after the release of Riverdale’s episode 5, discover our review of “Heart of Darkness”. Warning, spoilers!
Last night, The CW was broadcasting Riverdale episode 5 titled “Heart of Darkness” . This episode put Jason’s memorial in his center, which allowed a character to shine again, Cheryl. The plague of Riverdale is indeed a teenage bruised, whose life is not that simple. It must be said that her parents are not really very flexible with her and it seems that they resent her for helping Jason from the city. The problem is that they forget that their daughter also suffers from the situation and one can only feel empathy for the pretty redhead. There is something that the series knows very well: to create relationships between the characters and make them appreciate them . Veronica is probably the most interesting protagonist from this point of view and still today, she decides to reach out to her enemy. Besides, she says it herself: “Could we be friends? Or at least frenemies?”
Next to this, Riverdale continues to develop many mysteries about the parents of teenagers. It must be said that they all know each other and each has its little secret that is likely to be revealed in the open at all times. This week, Betty’s family is at the heart of our questions. We learn that Polly is sick and interned to get better and next week, Jughead and Betty should visit him, or at least try. The latter’s father is now the number one suspect in Jason’s death, but it would be too easy. On the other hand, if he has decided to steal the investigation from the sheriff, it is because he is probably afraid that something will incriminate him. We can not wait to find out more!
Veronica’s mother finds herself in the midst of tension as well. One wonders who was able to send the box with the snake and especially, for what reasons. What is cool in Riverdale is that everyone is shady and everyone has something to hide. In our opinion, the revelation of the identity of Jason’s murderer will stick to our chairs. Small negative however: Archie’s plot on his musical career is frankly annoying . We would prefer to see something else of the character, who still remains the main character of the series … We meet next week for a new episode, but in the meantime, find ideas for series to watch!