Arrow Season 6: Next Big Bad, Olicity, William, … 5 questions we ask about the sequel!

Cinema 15 June, 2017

As Arrow Season 6 will be released next October on the CW, here are 5 questions we ask about the sequel!
This will be very long! Yes, the meltynauts, the fifth season of Arrow ended on an extremely intense cliffhanger and its resolution will unfortunately not take place until next October on the CW . A real eternity for any self-respecting fan! Cleared of its flashbacks, this new season promises to reserve us many surprises. While Melty’s editor suggested you discover if Felicity would be threatened by Helix in Arrow Season 6 , here are 5 questions we ask about the rest of the show!
1 / Who will survive the terrible explosion of Lian Yu?
This is THE key moment of the last episode of the fifth season. While Chase was in very bad shape, he decided to kill himself in order to trigger all the bombs on the island. William and Oliver are safe but have the others managed to escape in time? Difficult to know! After Malcolm’s death, let’s hope we do not have to say goodbye to someone else !
2 / Who will be the next Big Bad of the show?
Yes, if we know that DeVoe will come to haunt Central City next season, we have no clue about the next villain who will face Oliver. Especially since after the exceptional performance of Josh Segarra, it will be very difficult to be up to his successor. In any case, the dynamics should be very different since we will no longer have to follow parallel plots. The Big Bad will have to be very good!
3 / What future for the Olicity couple?
If Felicity chose to kiss Oliver just before they were separated in the Season Finale, nothing seems official at the moment. As our hero rightly pointed out, the two characters must first discuss before considering anything. But then, what is to be expected next season if the pretty blonde survived? Will the screenwriters decide whether to leave them alone or face new obstacles?
4 / Will William be an integral part of Oliver’s life?
Oliver managed in extremis to save his son at the end of this fifth season. It would therefore be normal that he decides to spend more time with him especially if his mother tragically had to die during the explosions. Will William move in with his father? Will he have a real place in his life in the next episodes? In any case, it might be very interesting to discover another facet of our hero.
Will Willa Holland (Thea) be more present?
If you’ve paid attention to the last season of the show, you’ve certainly noticed that the beautiful Willa Holland has only been present in 14 episodes. A fairly low number that did not allow the screenwriters to offer us a real storyline centered on Thea . Let’s hope that the young actress will be more present next season to see her character evolve. While waiting for more info, find out why the season 6 of Arrow marks a real turning on melty . Do you look forward to knowing who will be the next Big Bad of the show?