13 Reasons Why, Riverdale, The 100, American Horror Story: Groups 7 and 8 of the 2017 World Cup!

Cinema 22 June, 2017

While the 2017 World Cup is in full swing, the fight between the different shows reaches its climax. 13 Reasons Why, Riverdale, The 100 or American Horror Story are ready for anything to win! This is the time of the presentations of groups 7 and 8.
On Monday, it was the launch of the long-awaited 2017 World Cup. This year again, 32 shows will be opposed for several weeks but only one will be crowned “best show of the year” . Yesterday, you were presented with the 5 and 6 groups of the 2017 World Cup in which Westworld, Once Upon A Time, The Big Bang Theory and Legends of Tomorrow are fighting a merciless battle. On this fourth day of competition, it is high time to make a small focus on groups 7 and 8 of this tournament. On one side are The 100, Quantico, Supernatural and Riverdale, while on the other is 13 Reasons Why, American Horror Story, Shadowhunters and Reign who are distrustful. While some shows are regulars, others are participating for the first time in the World Cup Series and are planning to mark the spirits . In these two groups, there are serious challengers and everything is possible thanks to your votes. But who will qualify for the knockout round? The editing of melty presents groups 7 and 8!
Group 7:
The 100
Like last year, The 100 is one of the favorite series of this competition. The post-apocalyptic science fiction show continues to improve over the course of the episodes and season 4 was no exception to the rule with its surprises and crazy twists . The 100 is a warrior who will not let down so easily. However, she needs your votes to go as far as possible.
This is Riverdale’s first appearance at the World Series Cup but the show does not have to be ashamed of its competitors. The series completely revolutionized the teen show genre and immediately seduced and found its audience. With its mysteries, love stories and twists of all kinds, Riverdale has everything from a champion . Will she convince you to support her to the end?
Quantico offered us a beginning of season 2 in half-tone but widely caught up in the second part. The show showed that it was still as intense, amazing and captivating! Even in difficulty, Quantico is able to get up to give it its best. He is a formidable opponent. Can Alex Parrish claim victory? It’s up to you!
Supernatural is a sure bet! After 12 seasons, the series holds on thanks to a magic formula that continues to excite the fans as the episodes continue. The show is a mix perfectly well balanced between horror, family drama and humor , it has nothing to envy to its competitors. Will the Winchester brothers succeed in overthrowing their opponents? Their destiny is in your hands!
Group 8:
13 Reasons Why
Here is a little news in the competition but that’s not why it’s a show to underestimate. 13 Reasons Why breaks all records since its launch on Netflix and does not intend to stop there. Her next challenge is obviously to win the 2017 World Cup and she is quite capable. Poignant, shocking and startling, 13 Reasons Why will succeed Game of Thrones ? You will have the last word!
American Horror Story
American Horror Story takes us every season in disturbing and dramatic universes that do not fail to excite us while giving us goose bumps. Each season deals with a different story but what does not differ is the quality of the series. The staging is excellent, the scenario always well-crafted and the casting to the top . Does it deserve to go to the final? Only your votes can take him to the top!
Clary and his friends are fighting diabolical creatures as well, they are not afraid of their opponents of the 2017 World Cup. The series remains faithful to the book that inspired it, while dusting the scenario with flying colors. The plot manages to keep us going, the special effects quite impressive and the surprises are at the rendezvous . Will that be enough to get to the next step?
Reign just made his curtsy as well, this is his very last chance to win the Series World Cup . As much as to say that Mary, Elizabeth and Catherine put the doubles for their ultimate participation. For four seasons, Reign knew how to move us, make us laugh and astonish us. With beautiful sets and costumes and a talented cast, the historical series has enough to make his opponents pale. To support it, your votes are essential! And you, which series do you prefer in groups 7 and 8?