Riverdale Season 2: 5 Questions for the Next Season!

Cinema 16 May, 2017

Riverdale’s episode 13 introduced new great mysteries! Discover 5 questions that all fans are asking themselves since the Season Finale!
In the Season Finale of Riverdale, a new murder took place in the small town . Indeed, a masked man entered the Pop’s to steal the crate but did not stop there. Armed, he shot at one of our favorite characters. Indeed, poor Fred, Archie’s father, was shot in the stomach. Is he dead ? Can he get out of it? Riverdale fans are worried! However, if the fate of Fred may remain uncertain for a long time, the Season Finale of Riverdale brought its new secrets and questions. Season 2 of the series promises to be as interesting and fascinating as the first .
Where is Betty’s brother?
The Cooper family definitely has many secrets. Alice revealed that she had become pregnant in her last year of high school and had to make a difficult decision about the baby. Betty’s mother and Polly preferred to have her son adopted! The series could then introduce the character of Chic Cooper in season 2 of Riverdale . If in the comics it is a secret agent for the government of the United States, it could be a criminal in the series. But the biggest questions remain: “Where is he?” And “By whom was it adopted ?” Maybe Betty and Polly already know him!
What future for Blossom?
The future of Blossom is very uncertain! Not only Jason and Clifford died but Cheryl also decided to burn the family’s mansion to start from scratch. But where will the girl and her mother live? And what about their financial future? This could bring them closer to a branch of their family, the Cooper!
Will Keller and McCoy get what they want?
Sheriff Keller and Mayor McCoy attempted to reach an agreement with FP by granting him a remission if he agreed in exchange for the names of Snakes involved in the drug trade in Clifford. Jughead’s father is not a scales! But will he change his mind? Or will Keller and McCoy get what they want thanks to Jughead who recently joined the gang and could quickly learn many secrets? This is a storyline we can not wait to see!
What is the true plan of Hiram and Hermione?
While we were presenting the characters who will be at the heart of the intrigue in Riverdale’s season 2 , it was announced that Hiram Lodge will make its come back in the small town. This is probably not good news for other residents! One wonders above all why Hiram and Hermione want at all costs to take back the case of Fred while she was in difficulty. Veronica distrusts her father and suspects him of Jason’s murder. If Hiram is not bound to the teenager’s death, that does not mean that he is not guilty of anything else .
Who is the masked man?
Finally, we wonder who shot Fred and above all, why? If the fact that Archie’s father is the victim could be a coincidence, it is doubtful. As for the shooter, he was dressed like a snake but perhaps only to blur the tracks. It is quite possible that this individual is a popular character of the Archie Comics and maybe even someone who has already appeared in Riverdale’s Season 1 . And what do you expect from Riverdale’s season 2?