Clem, Gray’s Anatomy, Riverdale, The 100: 5 couples must break for Valentine’s Day!

Cinema 15 February, 2017

This is Valentine’s Day and, on this occasion, some couples should take advantage of it to question themselves and to separate for good. We take stock!
Oh, love ! Sometimes it is a real source of comfort especially when everything else seems desperate. However, there are also couples who are not made to be together and this, despite all their love. Nothing can be done ! Sometimes it is no longer worthwhile to cling so much we know that it will go badly . While Melty’s editor suggested you discover our top 10 most romantic couples of all time , let’s get back to all these relationships that must be stopped as soon as possible before it’s too late:
Clem & Stephane – Clem
If we were happy to see Clem again happy after his divorce on TF1 , it is clear that Stephane was not very delicate when he decided to break despite the obvious provocations of his daughter. And it is clear that the two lovebirds do not desire the same thing . It is time for our heroine to find the true love of his life!
Alex & Jo – Gray’s Anatomy
After years of lying and a terrible drama early in the season, Alex and Jo are definitely no longer on the same wavelength. They even tend to pull themselves down . So it may be time for them to move on to something else to find the happiness they deserve so much.
Archie & Miss Grundy – Riverdale
We are not going to lie, this relationship is far too unhealthy. In addition to being very strange, Miss Grundy clearly uses Archie’s affection to protect herself. Does it have anything to do with Jason’s murder? In any case, she should take her responsibilities and change high school! #good riddance
Murphy & Emori – The 100
If they are sometimes cute, Emori and Murphy are, above all, too similar for their own good. Indeed, recent events have allowed Murphy to become a true hero and the influence of Emori does not help him accept this part of himself and make the right choices. Kiss who you really are!
Evil Queen & Rumple – Once Upon A Time
What a diabolical couple! Based on very unhealthy foundations, this relationship is not sympathetic. In addition to pushing Rumple to do the evil, she has nothing behind that would push us to attach to this couple. We’re tired of seeing the wicked Rumple, we want him to be as gentle as a lamb . Leave the unscrupulous Mister Gold! So much for our ranking. Waiting for more info, relive with me the day when … Riverdale has shaken up the kind of teen show on melty. Which couple should you break?