Riverdale: The launch date of the new series of The CW unveiled

Cinema 19 November, 2016

Finally ! The American network The CW has unveiled the launch date of its highly anticipated new series, I named Riverdale.

riverdale-the-cw-greg-berlanti-archie-andrews2017 looks good . There are some days, we announced that Gotham and True Blood actor joined the cast of Riverdale , the next teen drama from The CW. And if today we speak to you in this new series, it’s because we finally know the launch date. End of suspense. Get out your calendars. Riverdale will be officially launched Thursday, January 26, 2017 from 21 O’clock . So, Supernatural now spends 20 hours and Legends of Tomorrow is moved to Tuesday 21 hours, just after The Flash . Deemed compatible, Supernatural and Riverdale will have the difficult task of sustaining the night of the chain Thursdays. Fully aware of the risks it takes, the CW put big but could well offer a new card. We cross fingers !
Remember, Riverdale is a series adapted from a comic. Nevertheless, Riverdale does nothing fits in the tradition of Arrow , The Flash , Legends of Tomorrow or Supergirl . Produced by Greg Berlanti ( Dawson, Everwood ), Riverdale tells the adventures of Archie Andrews and his group of friends from high school. Of course, and because it always takes a trigger, their daily life is upset when their friend Jason Blossom is found dead. We recently told you, the new The CW series will make a lot of noise . Already seen as a mix between Twin Peaks and Gossip Girl , Riverdale could be the new guilty pleasure of a whole generation. You have been warned. It repeats one last time: Riverdale begins Thursday, January 26 on The CW . And you, will you look at Riverdale?