Riverdale: Betty and Jughead coming together?

Cinema 20 February, 2017

Will Archie’s BFFs end up together? What if Betty and Jughead were going to pair in the next episodes of Riverdale?
Since the beginning of the series, the pretty blonde has eyes only for her BFF, Archie. Only here, Betty is damn stuck in the friendzone . Even though in episode 4 of Riverdale , she managed to dismiss her rival Miss Grundy, it is doubtful that Archie sees her one day as anything but her best friend . But all is not lost for Betty! In the coming weeks, she may well be getting closer to another high school student from Riverdale, Jughead. It’s in the episode of March 16, entitled “Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill!” , That the two friends should start to rub … And to hide nothing, we shippe already! Not you ?
Asked about this relationship, Lili Reinhart (Betty Cooper) explained : “Betty is Archie’s best friend, so she grew up alongside Jughead, they know each other very well and her friends.” Jughead has a dark and mysterious side Betty would love to have it! From the outside, you’d think they’re so different, but what Betty feels at the bottom of her (and she’d like to show) is exaggerated what Jughead shows to others. She would like to be able to do as he does and that’s what attracts him a lot to her, she is attracted by her darkness because she understands it, in the end she feels like an outsider and that’s why they Form an excellent duo, because they are both outsiders … “.