Once Upon A Time Season 6 Episode 10, the identity of the murderer of Emma unveiled and a familiar face back our criticism

Cinema 5 December, 2016

More mystery, the Midseason Finale of season 6 of Once Upon A Time unveiled that is about to kill Emma. Discover our review of “Wish You Were Here!”

once-upon-a-time-ouat-saison-6-6x10-episodeLast night, Emma found herself in a completely different life than his own in the Midseason Finale of season 6 of Once Upon A Time . But she managed to defeat the Evil Queen? The editorial of melty you to discover in our review of episode 10 of season 6 of Once Upon A Time . “Wish You Were Here” opens with the Evil Queen in the process of gathering at the grave of Robin, making furious Regina. His evil twin confesses that she loved him too but that his death is the best thing that could happen to them because love is a weakness. The Evil Queen Emma took the opportunity to cause that can not help but to attack and cut his cheek. However, Regina is well! The Sauveuse realizes she can kill the Evil Queen by the sword of his visions in Season 6 of Once Upon A Time . For its part, Rumple is on the side of Emma and let her do what she wants to face the Machiavellian version of Regina. The Sauveuse is determined to finish despite the reluctance of some of his relatives. With Hook and Charming, her hand then face the Evil Queen but it retains Jasmine. Thanks to the genius of the lamp, the wicked Queen vowed that Emma has never been the savior! And one point for the Evil Queen!
Emma disappears Storybrooke and is found in the Enchanted Forest, surrounded by her parents and Henry in Season 6 of Once Upon A Time . She has everything she ever wanted, life is perfect despite her dreams where she sees herself as the Sauveuse. A Storybrooke, while the Evil Queen has a good time with Aladdin, Regina is found. They are one and the same person as the BFF Emma vowed to be sent to the same place as the Sauveuse . And one point for Regina! Well, almost since the dwarves take to the Evil Queen and run prevention Charming. Regina finds that Emma does not remember her. While Charming ready to challenge, Regina tries to wake the Sauveuse but must resolve to flee. A Storybrooke, David, Jasmine and Hook are looking for a plan against the Evil Queen while Gold understands that his son was not found and soon to inform Belle in Season 6 of Once Upon A Time . As for Regina, she falls on Rumple who explains that each Savior needs a villain, if it shows its dark side, the Sauveuse reborn. In addition, it offers him a magic bean to go Storybrooke in exchange for his freedom. Regina poses as the Evil Queen and takes Charming hostage. She will release lorsqu’Emma has found a hero capable of the challenge. The ball is in the camp of the princess!
David confronts the real Evil Queen and seized Genie’s Lamp. But when he wants her to get what she deserves, nothing happens . In the Enchanted Forest, Emma provides the keys to his kingdom in Regina. The latter threatens Charming, Emma kills but does not wake up. Henry is more heroic but his mother eventually stop the killing Regina. The savior is back and ready to face the real Evil Queen in Season 6 of Once Upon A Time . While the blue fairy admits she was attacked by the mother of Rumple who grabbed Gideon, a portal opens to Storybrooke. Out comes a man with a cap that transforms the Evil Queen in Agrabah snake. Jafar is it? Leroy leads the snake which includes David she got what she deserved. But is under the hood? While Rumple and Belle decide to join forces to save their son, the man appears. This is the future Gideon who became wicked! In the Enchanted Forest, Regina and Emma are getting ready to go when Robin shoots them. Regina troubled to see his “True Love” leaves the gate closed and the two women remain blocked. Here are two twists we did not see coming, worthy of a Midseason Finale because they make us ask ourselves many questions. This episode was quite good and offered a lot of suspense and intrigue. We can not wait to see more! However it was not until March. To wait until then also see if Eion Bailey aka Pinocchio will soon be back in Season 6 of Once Upon A Time . And you, what did you think of the Midseason Finale of season 6 of Once Upon A Time?