Arrow season 5: Episode 23, SPOILER sacrifices himself in the Season Finale

Cinema 25 May, 2017

Last night, The CW broadcast the Season Finale of Arrow’s Season 5. In this episode 23, a character has sacrificed himself, yes but which one?
Last week, in episode 22 of Arrow’s season 5, Oliver had teamed up with Nyssa and Malcolm to counter Chase . This rather unusual union was not as surprising as that which he made in this Season Finale. Yes, our Green Arrow has joined one of its worst enemies, Slade, who remembered had killed his mother. We are still charmed by this duo despite their past. However, this was not the only significant event in this episode 23 of Arrow’s Season 5 , as a character sacrificed himself to save the team from the Green Archer . This death really touched us! But then who lost his life in this Season Finale? Thea, Felicity, Diggle, Malcolm, Nyssa …? Discover it immediately!
In this Season Finale of Arrow Season 5 , a character is dead. Even though he has long been detested, this act really moved us. It was Malcolm, who sacrificed himself to save Team Arrow and especially his daughter. Speedy had walked on a mine and he took his place to save her. Their farewells were heart-rending and sincere. Malcolm Merlyn had his faults, it was like Felicity told Thea “A bad person, a father even worse but nevertheless, he loved you in his own way.” . And it can be said that it summarizes everything. Obviously, Thea has remained in shock and despite all the horrors he has done to him, his father is missing. However, as we know with Arrow, The characters are never really dead . If we heard the explosion, we did not see the scene. Could it be that Malcolm has managed to get by? Or does he come back to life in Arrow Season 6? Everything is possible but in the meantime, (re) discover the promo video of this Season Finale of the season 5 of Arrow ! What did you think of his sacrifice?