Arrow Season 5: Season Finale, the 3 key moments to remember

The Season 5 Season Finale of Arrow was under high tension! Back on the three key moments of "Lian Yu"!
What a Season Final! After episode 23 of ...

25 May, 2017
Arrow season 5: Season Finale, the future of the Team very uncertain, our review

The Arrow Season 5 Season Finals leave doubt about the future of Oliver's Team. Check out our review of "Lian Yu"!
Last night, in episode 23 of ...

25 May, 2017
Arrow season 5: Episode 23, SPOILER sacrifices himself in the Season Finale

Last night, The CW broadcast the Season Finale of Arrow's Season 5. In this episode 23, a character has sacrificed himself, yes but which one?
Last ...

25 May, 2017
Arrow season 5: Episode 22, Oliver, Malcolm and Nyssa united against Chase, our critic!

While the episode 22 of the season 5 of Arrow has just been broadcast on the CW, let's return together on the main lines of "Missing"!
It's almost ...

18 May, 2017
Arrow season 5: Episode 21, did Oliver really beat Chase? Our criticism

Oliver finally took the lead on Chase in episode 21 of Arrow's season 5 but for how long? Check out our review of "Honor Thy Fathers"!
Last week, ...

11 May, 2017
Alien Covenant: What happened to Elizabeth Shaw and David?

What happened between the end of Prometheus and the arrival of the crew of the Covenant on the planet of Engineers? They tell you everything. ...

11 May, 2017
Spider-Man Homecoming: A Prometheus actor joins the cast in a villainous role

Vulture, Shocker and Le Bricoleur will not be the only bad guys Spider-Man will have to face. A new one is added to the board, played by Logan ...

18 April, 2017
Alien Covenant: A link with Prometheus unveiled

Alien Covenant will of course be in connection with Prometheus, already realized by Ridley Scott. Many details come to teaser the connections between ...

2 April, 2017
Arrow season 5: Episode 15, the identity of Prometheus finally unveiled, our critic!

While Episode 15 of Arrow's Season 5 has been broadcast on the CW, let's get back together on the main events that have marked "Fighting Fire with ...

2 March, 2017
Arrow season 5: Can Felicity become the new Black Canary?

Despite the departure of Laurel Lance, the character of Black Canary seems inseparable from the Green Arrow in the series. Is Felicity Smoak capable ...

14 January, 2017
Alien Covenant: Katherine Waterston in battle on a new image

Like the new Ellen Ripley, Katherine Waterston is more badass than ever on a new image of Alien: Covenant.

You found that there were not enough ...

10 January, 2017
Alien Covenant: What links with Prometheus?

Alien Covenant will be the occasion for Ridley Scott to expand the universe of this franchise existing since 79. But what links will the film have ...

3 January, 2017
Arrow Season 5: Episode 6, Oliver discovers his responsibility for the murder of Prometheus, our critique!

While the episode 6 of season 5 of Arrow was broadcast last night on the CW, it's time for the editorial 'of melty to deliver our critical episode in ...

10 November, 2016