Arrow Season 5: Season Finale, the 3 key moments to remember

Cinema 25 May, 2017

The Season 5 Season Finale of Arrow was under high tension! Back on the three key moments of “Lian Yu”!
What a Season Final! After episode 23 of Arrow’s season 5, the future of Oliver’s team is very uncertain . Indeed, Chase had obviously planned everything. If the mayor of Star City did everything he could to kill his enemy while saving all his relatives, Prometheus did not intend to let him win. This episode titled “Lian Yu” was very intense and scary. While Team Arrow is in great danger, one of the series’ lead characters was killed before the great fight of Oliver and Chase began. Indeed, Malcolm sacrificed for Thea in the Season Finale of the Arrow 5 season . The father of Tommy and the young woman was not a good man but we never forget this beautiful gesture of love. This Season Finale ended a five-year cycle and set the stage for Season 6 . Melty’s editorial reviews the three key moments of Arrow’s Season 5 episode 23 .
Slade advises Oliver to forgive himself
It is always a pleasure to find Manu Bennett in the skin of Slade . In this Season Finale, he was no longer the terrifying Deathstroke but the friend Oliver had met 10 years earlier. Slade urged our hero to do the most difficult thing he could, forgive himself. “You suffer from the guilt of the survivor.” “You can not get past your father’s death.” “When it comes to you, everything has to do with your father.” , did he declare. “The only way to bury this ghost is to forgive you yourself, ” he told Oliver. These words have already had a big impact on this Season 5 season finale of Arrow.
Oliver refuses to kill Chase
Thanks to Slade and his friends, Oliver became a better man . Prometheus did everything he could to push his rival to the end so he killed him and at the same time sacrificed all his friends. But the Green Arrow resisted temptation and did not choose ease. He grew up, he is no longer the one he was when he returned to Star City. This episode has given us a glimpse of Oliver’s journey through all these years, he is now a true hero.
Chase commits suicide
Unfortunately, all of Oliver’s goodwill has not been rewarded with a happy-ending . On the contrary, Arrow ‘s season 5 ended dramatically. Chase committed suicide and probably killed the entire Arrow team at the same time . In fact, by killing himself, Prometheus activated all the bombs that exploded in the same way, destroying the island of Lian Yu. Will Slade have had time to take the Team to the boat of ARGUS ? You cross your fingers but it is possible that there are still many victims. And you, what will you remember of the episode 23 of the season 5 of Arrow?