Arrow season 5: Can Felicity become the new Black Canary?

Cinema 14 January, 2017

Despite the departure of Laurel Lance, the character of Black Canary seems inseparable from the Green Arrow in the series. Is Felicity Smoak capable of donning this costume in the sequel?
This is a question that would have seemed ridiculous some months ago, but that is starting to take shape after the recent events around the CW show. As the season 5 Arrow resume duties on 1 February, the showrunner Marc Guggenheim recently released an important info about the show by announcing that it was “difficult to devote a series on the Green Arrow Black Canary without ” and she would ” always be there afterwards to stay true to the origins of DC ” most people therefore immediately think the character of Laurel Lance, whose actress Katie Cassidy will return in the first winter of The Arrow 5 season. But now, Laurel is supposed to be dead, and it is rather Black Siren, after Earth-2, is expected to recover . If one imagines a return of Black Canary, is not it better to turn to another important personage to incarnate the binomial of Oliver Queen?
It must already be remembered that Laurel was not the first to endorse the Black Canary costume in the series. It was first of all his sister Sara, who is doing the best days of the series Legends of Tomorrow as … White Canary. There was even a third woman to wear black leather since Evelyn Sharp, the future Artemis, was Black Canary for an episode of season 4. So who could be the fourth? In view of the events of the current season, there are reason to believe that the new Black Canary will other than Felicity Smoak . We no longer introduce the one who has formed for several seasons a passionate couple with Oliver Queen, and who is an integral part of the Arrow team as Overwatch. While in principle it is not supposed to become a vigilante “field”, the recent death of her boyfriend Billy but also the return of his mother and his father Calculator The reserve for heavy Felicity in season 5 of Arrow.
Marc Guggenheim, changes Felicity Smoak to a darker side even seems natural: “Felicity lived in this dark world for over 4 years and we begin to explore how the actions of Oliver Diggle, Laurel Roy as justiciers changed his way of thinking. ” For now Felicity does not really know how to fight, at least not as a real superhero. But we saw with Merlyn’s training of Thea that things could move fast. An evolution of Felicity towards the Black Canary would in any case give depth to its role, and relaunch the relationship between it and Oliver. And as for his support role at the HQ, Curtis for example could do very well in the future. We are going to see again Black Canary in Arrow it’s certain, now remains to know whether or not Felicity will be the one who will embody it for good!