Arrow Season 5: The Team in Danger, 5 Ways to Solve the End Cliffhanger!

Cinema 4 June, 2017

While Arrow’s season 5 ended on a huge cliffhanger, discover five ways to start the next chapter of the show!
What have they become ? Yes, the meltynauts, since the release of the final season of the fifth season of the show CW flagship , fans are terribly worried. Can the producers have had the audacity to kill the entire Team? While melty’s editor suggested you discover why Arrow Season 6 was going to mark a real turning point in the series , here are 5 different ways to solve the famous end cliffhanger:
An in-extremis escape
This is the most popular theory among fans! Remember, Deathstroke was supposed to guide the Team to a boat so they could all escape . Since Slade has spent a lot of time on the island, it’s a safe bet he could have borrowed several shortcuts to lead our favorite characters to the boat before it was too late. Perhaps that would allow everyone to forgive him once and for all?
One can also imagine that our heroes could decide to use the carcass of the plane in order to shelter there. For that, they would have to use it as a floating raft which would offer us a very interesting storyline of shipwrecked. The links between the characters would then be tested and this could lead to crisp revelations. We hope that they will not stop killing each other!
ARGUS to the rescue
As we know, Diggle and Lyla have a habit of always protecting each other. It is therefore possible that John revealed his plans to his wife pushing Lyla to take his precautions. This would not be the first time that the organization would be a providential aid for the Team . And perhaps this rescue would finish reconciling the two lovers who have undergone sacred trials lately.
An Unexpected Savior
What if Evelyn suddenly decided to change camp? Yes, let us not forget that Prometheus did not hesitate a second to betray the girl while she had been a fidelity to any trial. She would then have been able to take care of the boat in order to start taking the path of redemption. This is a storyline that would be very interesting for the next season of the show.
Important sacrifices
The last possibility would be absolutely heartbreaking for all fans who respect themselves because it would mean that several important characters would leave us at the end of this fifth season . If some of them are mere collateral damage (Talia or Artemis), others would be victims who would be greatly missed. Lance or Mister Terrific could be sacrificed to save the others. One thing is for sure, we look forward to seeing the rest. Meanwhile, (re) discover when will season 6 of Arrow on melty. Which theory seems the most credible?