Arrow Season 5: Episode 6, Oliver discovers his responsibility for the murder of Prometheus, our critique!

Cinema 10 November, 2016

While the episode 6 of season 5 of Arrow was broadcast last night on the CW, it’s time for the editorial ‘of melty to deliver our critical episode in a rich revelations!

arrow-saison-5-episode-4-episode-3-spoilersDo we know finally who is Prometheus? And yes meltynautes this week, Arrow has finally decided to give us a lead on the identity of the Big Bad this season. If we knew his murderous quest was quite personal, we did not know yet how far he had decided to attack our hero . Between terribly cruel and weapons very popular assassinations, Prometheus is not here for fun and no need to be clairvoyant to understand that the confrontation that Green Arrow to Prometheus will be a never reached violence in show . While the editorial ‘of melty proposed to discover the secrets of Stephen Amell about Felicity in season 5 of Arrow , back in detail on the main events of “So It Begins” aired last night on the CW . First, know that Oliver and Diggle again form their iconic duo and one can not help being relieved. Okay, the new Team is interesting and it offers a dynamic but friendly enough and Spartan Green Arrow is based. Together, they discover that Prometheus declares war on them but decided to keep this information secret not wanting to let new involvement. And some we can still understand. After all, Wild Dog still has unleashed the true identity of Green Arrow last week .

However, murders are increasing and becoming more violent. Indeed, Prometheus is really not a choirboy and attacks on innocent people who have had the misfortune to have a name and a surname able to form those former victims of Oliver and his famous list. If this plot is clearly difficult to watch, it’s a nice nod to the evolution of Oliver . After all, we had heard of this list for a while and it is certain that Green Arrow Arrow aka aka The Hood has diametrically changed its ways. The secret of Prometheus is finally discovered: he seeks revenge for the darker version of our hero. Worse, he recovered the old Oliver arrows in order to produce new and kill many people because of them. In short, this information is hard to swallow for everyone. Oliver guilty – again! – While new feel for the less betrayed and particularly Evelyn Sharp which has still not digested the fact of having been wise leaving spared the woman Darhk last season. So everyone has the impression of not knowing their mentor and they are not wrong. Finally, Oliver finally make amends and reconciles with Evelyn. Besides, it would not have a little crush on him by chance?

For its part, Felicity is divided. She would really like to admit it works with Billy Green Arrow but it is terribly afraid of his reaction. Perhaps she now realized that the truth is never simple in the universe of Star City? In any case, the pretty blonde looks really attached to her new lover and it’s no surprise that it reveals him part of his work . Billy responds well and maybe even a little too well that we are not skeptical. Has it something to be ashamed? Furthermore, Oliver could quickly turn the page with Susan. Their flirting is a little too obvious and we believe that the two characters will soon be closer. And honestly, Susan is something in which we trust. Hopefully she is not as twisted it looks. Finally, Thea discovers Lance continues to drink which is far from the surprise of the year, let’s face it. This is the most by cons, the misty wake Quentin and arrow that Prometheus it manipulates with the greatest astonishment . Arrow tent she suggesting that Lance has a split personality, and alcohol led him to kill innocent night? But probably the editorial ‘of melty, frankly it was difficult to believe. Especially as the identity of Prometheus is THE mystery of the season. In sum, it would be shooting themselves in the foot than to unveil as early in the season. In short, this episode was far from perfect but it finally allowed to leave Prometheus in the foreground. Getting to know the big bad is interesting and gives us a nice back. Strongly the next week. Pending more information, see the promotional video of episode 6 of season 5 of Arrow. What do you think of this episode?