Arrow season 5: Episode 21, did Oliver really beat Chase? Our criticism

Cinema 11 May, 2017

Oliver finally took the lead on Chase in episode 21 of Arrow’s season 5 but for how long? Check out our review of “Honor Thy Fathers”!
Last week, we saw the return of Olicity in episode 20 of Arrow’s season 5 or at least their complicity. Oliver and Felicity had been trapped by Chase, who now expected to attack the son of the hero, William. Did he find the little boy? The melac editor offers you to discover the criticism of the episode 21 of the season 5 of Arrow. “Honor Thy Fathers” opens on Oliver who, after learning bad news, receives a package from Simon Morrison aka Adrian Chase. He finds the body of a certain Henry Goodwin who seems to have no connection with Chase or his father, Justin Claybourne. For her part, Felicity admits she is having a hard time finding William. If the Green Arrow is reassured, Prometheus’ Has found … While Thea is finally back, Oliver learns that Goodwin’s killer is none other than … their father, Robert Queen . The Green Arrow and Speedy are in shock but Oliver is confident that Chase has trapped his father and intends to prove it. However, Thea doubt! Later, Oliver and Diggle find themselves trapped, Chase tries to bury them alive in cement as was the case for Goodwin. Fortunately, Dinah and Curtis drop their mission and come to their rescue. If the team thinks it was a trap at first, she finally realized that it was just a distraction to keep Derek Sampson and Dinah from Curtis in Arrow 5’s season . The latter has stolen components, Used Justin Claybourne to recreate the deadly virus of arterial tuberculosis. Charming !
Quentin then puts them on the path of Coffman, the advocate of Chase’s father and … Goodwin. This is the bond between the two men! Thea and Oliver meet Coffman who hands them a usb key, given by Chase. The mayor understands that the lawyer had been in contact with Prometheus for a long time. Coffman defends himself on the pretext that he did not say anything because he was afraid of Chase. “You saw the guy!” Okay … he’s terrifying and crazy. In a flashback, Anatoly tells Oliver that his loved ones will always pay for his sins. But if the Green Arrow pays for those of his father, who will pay for his? Mystery! One thing is certain, there will surely be retaliation in Arrow’s Season 5 . That does not mean anything good for the weeks to come! In the present, Oliver refuses to watch the video contained on the usb key. But while the hero tries to neutralize Derek Sampson, Thea obviously takes advantage to watch the video of 2002 where we can see Robert kill Goodwin . It was an accident but Oliver’s father and Thea did kill a man and protected himself by removing the surveillance videos that incriminated him. If Oliver is once again in shock, Thea is getting used to this kind of unpleasant surprises … Later, Felicity understands that Chase plans to make a virus far more murderous and powerful than his father. Thanks to a very beautiful speech by Felicity during one of the best scenes of the episode, Oliver is rebooted and put on the costume of Green Arrow again . Finally !
While the Team is trying to stop Sampson, Oliver and Prometheus are clashing in an epic brawl . Oliver tells his rival that Justin Claybourne was going to disinherit him, not because he was his illegitimate son but because he knew he was crazy. Chase tries to honor the memory of a man who was ashamed of him. That hurts! Chase had never been seen as vulnerable. Arrow 5’s big bad kneels before Oliver and offers his sword to kill him. Obviously, the hero prefers that his rival faces justice. It is Argus who will take care of his case. Later, Oliver decides to give Thea the video that their father recorded for her. He does not want her to believe she is destined to be like her parents. The past remains of the past! During a flashback, Anatoly and Oliver have everything planned for the latter to go home but it was without counting on Kovar which delayed the return of the hero. At Star City, Oliver makes a moving speech about his father. Chase does not miss a crumb. What does he prepare? His smile tells us that it is not over . Is there anything to do with William that we had no news during the episode? We really do not know what to expect! The last two episodes promise to be very surprising! As for “Honor Thy Fathers” , it was a good episode between revelations and physical and psychological battles. The plot was interesting and knew how to keep us in suspense. We have a hurry, be up to next week. Waiting, Discover the program of the series of the week . And you, what did you think of the episode 21 of Arrow’s season 5?