Alien Covenant: Katherine Waterston in battle on a new image

Cinema 10 January, 2017

Like the new Ellen Ripley, Katherine Waterston is more badass than ever on a new image of Alien: Covenant.

You found that there were not enough blockbusters in 2016? Wait to see the year 2017! They will succeed each other from month to month, for the pleasure of your eyes! Alien: Covenant makes particular party, marking the return of the saga eponymous Ridley Scott and his famous xenomorphic, five years after the release of Prometheus ! And as it unfolds, it reveals itself more and more promising. He just has to see the first teaser, more frightening than ever , or the comments of some journalists who were able to see 10 minutes of the film. On the program: whitish creatures that come out of the spine of some members of the crew, with the ground inundated with blood. Apparently Alien: Covenant “does not skimp on the gory effects, anhedral and terror” . Fans of the genre should therefore be delighted. Besides Katherine Waterston , star of Fantastic Beasts , is the casting, and it embodies a heroine rather badass. The proof with this new image, unveiled by USA Today .
Heavy weapon in hand, hair cut like a boy, a war wound dripping with blood on his face, grimacing with rage, Katherine Waterston is more badass than in skin Daniels . Impossible not to think of the heroine of the original quadrilogy, alias Ellen Ripley, incarnated at the time by Sigourney Weaver. This same outfit and cut boyish, this same rage in the eyes and the mouth, that same big gun to smash the alien. We have yet to see the film, expected for May 10, 2017, but on this image, Katherine Waterston, the new star rising , clearly has nothing to envy to Sigourney Weaver. And what do you think of Katherine Waterston?