Alien Covenant: A link with Prometheus unveiled

Cinema 2 April, 2017

Alien Covenant will of course be in connection with Prometheus, already realized by Ridley Scott. Many details come to teaser the connections between the two films.
The Vegas CinemaCon is currently being held, with Ridley Scott presenting Alien Covenant (whose scary final trailer was unveiled) . The latter returned to a key scene taking place at the beginning of the film and making the connection with Prometheus . The Playlist has transcribed the whole of this passage so if you wish to keep the surprise until the release of the film, we advise you to stop reading here . Alien Covenant opens at the end of Prometheus , when David (Michael Fassbender) and Elizabeth (Noomi Rapace) are boarding a ship. While the two characters s’
The mysterious black evoked liquid is undoubtedly the one seen many times in Prometheus and its crossing with the Engineers will give the creature sighted at the end of the film. After numerous crossings, fans can hope to find THE Xenomorph previous films in the Alien Covenant (who signs the return of The Alien Queen) . Ridley Scott seems determined to offer the long-awaited film and resurrect the mythical creature. The excerpt ends on the voice-off of the android Walter – who has the same appearance as David, so Fassbender – explaining that Man is looking for his paradise and this several century after Prometheus . Paradis that the “