More beautiful life, the roommate: Nathan and Sabrina make fun of Fremont, the recap ‘of the week on France 3

Cinema 14 January, 2017

Life at the Mistral continues for the roommates of Plus Belle La Vie. While Sabrina hopes to become a millionaire, Nathan remains equal to himself by mocking Charles Fremont …
Since their New Year’s Eve very watered, the roommates of Plus Belle La Vie are discreet . Nathan, Coralie, Barbara and Sabrina need a new roommate to share the rent of the apartment but their misadventure with the metallic squatter has slowed them down in their search. It will be good to them a new person but it is better that our roommates take their time to find perfection, it is necessary that it exists! While patiently awaiting the arrival of a new character in Marseille, Sabrina continues her little life at the bar of the Mistral. Despite her many galleys, the waitress always sees the good side of things and never loses hope as she proved this week.
Indeed, on Friday the 13th in PBLV Sabrina decided to try his luck in the lottery as the desperate look of Fremont. She performed several grids of love for each of her loved ones. Charles, who filled a grid, did not bother to openly mock Sabrina, Nathan and Thomas. Do they really believe they have a chance to win? Annoyed by the attitude of Fremont, Nathan decided to play a trick on him into believing he had won the incredible sum at stake. In announcing false results, Frémont was unwell. Nathan and his acolytes rushed to help him but it was bad to know Celine’s father. Indeed, the latter pretended to have an attack to take the roommates to their own trap. Well played Fremont! Eventually nobody won the jackpot but it does not prevent the inhabitants of the Mistral to have fun.
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