Gray’s Anatomy Season 13: The couple Japril, the father of Jackson, Sarah Drew tease the sequel!

Cinema 11 January, 2017

What happiness ! Sarah Drew just teaser the sequel of the season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy and there will be Japril! Discover his confidences …
As we previously announced, the series Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder saw their return date pushed back . Thus, we will find surgeons-Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital not January 19 as planned, but a week later, Thursday, January 26 . In other words, this second part of the season looks explosive. Moreover, Sarah Drew, the interpreter of April in Gray’s Anatomy, made the happiness of the fans of the series. The actress tease the rest of the season and promised an episode dedicated to the couple Japril . Will Jackson and April get back together before the end of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy? Moreover, Sarah Drew let another detail escape … We will meet the father of Jackson! It promises … Discover immediately his confidences!
This season 13B of Grey’s Anatomy looks full of surprises and we look forward to discovering it. Sarah Drew made some confidences to EW and both say that his comments are more qu’alléchants. The pretty redhead revealed: “There will be an episode on April and Jackson, just them two We handle a case and it’s just us two in Montana during the whole episode It’s really.. “We’re proud of this episode, it’s a very different tone from other episodes, there will be a lot of silence, quiet places where we’ll just watch people do, it’s very intimate and very adult.” . Oh my God, we could not have dreamed better. This unique episode has already been filmed and will be released in March . We are excited. In addition, Sarah Drew added: “We will meet the father of Jackson .”. Well, this season is going to be busy. In any case, no detail has leaked about this character. While waiting to learn more, see if Justin Chambers (Alex) can leave the series in season 13 Grey’s Anatomy! What do you think of his remarks?