Gray’s Anatomy season 14: 6 things we want to see in the next episodes

Cinema 9 June, 2017

The wait is going to be long before you can discover the season 14 of Gray’s Anatomy. To help you wait, we suggest you discover the 6 things you would like to see in the sequel!
After a gray season of Gray’s Anatomy in halftone , we expect a lot of things from season 14. And since the Shonda Rhimes medical series is paused – like the majority of American shows – we had time to think about this Which we would like to see in the next season, which should start at the end of September on ABC. Many intrigues have remained in suspense and it is hoped that the next episodes will be able to give us answers and above all solved the problems brought by season 13. Between the repetitive intrigues, those out of nowhere and those that have left us a feeling Unfinished, it is not ideas that we lack!
Meredith and Nathan together
At the end of season 13, Meredith finally managed to open her heart to Nathan. Unfortunately, this also coincides with the return of his wife, Megan, who is finally alive. If it is certain that Nathan still has much affection for his wife, his feelings for Meredith are equally undeniable . We would really like Meredith and Nathan to try both of them, at least for Meredith, who was finally letting his guard down.Because we all want Mer to be happy!
A true reconciliation for Amelia and Owen
The least that can be said is that these two have had a complicated season and it is hoped that the return of Owen’s sister will be a way for them to make peace. We hope that Amelia will find the strength to tell her husband what it weighs and that together they can find a solution. We would really like Owelia to finally be entitled to a moment of happiness that lasts more than one episode . Without counting that Owen will certainly need support with whatever happens to her and Amelia can not continue to blame her without telling him why.
A better plot for Arizona (and especially a better love interest)
In season 12, Arizona had to make one of the toughest choices of his life and entrusting his daughter’s custody to Callie. But it is not for the fact that the surgeon has been entitled to more intrigues more thrilling in season 13. If we soon gladdened his nascent relationship with Eliza Minnick, we did not really fall under the spell of the couple , Especially because the series did not put enough focus on them and the beginning of their story. Minnick is a character that has barely been dug and it seems that this is the end of his story. We would like Arizona to be a more exciting plot next season and, above all, a love interest worthy of the name .
Jo must face his past
Jo more or less disappeared from the traffic at the end of season 13 and for this reason her interpreter, Camilla Luddington, was pregnant during the shoot. In fact his intrigue, with Alex in particular, remained in suspense. In Season 14, we’d really like her to be able to cope with her past and especially her violent ex-husband – whom we saw in episode 23 of Gray’s Anatomy Season 13 . Only after that Jo can advance in his relationship with Alex, and it would also offer an original and important plot to Gray’s Anatomy .
And if April became a bad-ass surgeon
If the couple Maggie and Jackson is something that must be done in season 14, we want to see April become the bad-ass surgeon we all know she can be. The character of April has evolved enormously during the seasons, so much so that it went from detestable to adorable. However, it is still full of doubts as regards its competences and especially its legitimacy . Since the departure of Cristina, we miss a “rockstar” and April could really become one. And, of course, we hope that the writers will bring a conclusion worthy of the name to Japril – if that should happen.
New blood!
The series desperately needs new blood. We are not talking about new patients or doctors who will be there for a few episodes, but new full-time characters to inflate the ranks. With the departure of Jerrika Hinton – and probably that of Marika Dominczyk – Gray’s Anatomy is still losing people. New heads would bring a good freshness to the intrigues, but also to the relations between the characters . The series could even begin to give Andrew or even Leah a more important role, whose return was more than discreet. Besides, we were wondering if DeLuca still had a chance with Jo in season 14 of Gray’s Anatomy , and we hope to see all that afterwards .