Agents of SHIELD season 5: What can we expect from the sequel?

Cinema 5 June, 2017

What future for FitzSimmons? A jump in time? An intrigue in space? Jed Whedon (showrunner) and Jeff Bell (executive producer) tease Agents of SHIELD season 5!
Once is not custom, the season finale of season 4 of Agents of SHIELD left us with a lot of questions about what we could well book the writers for Season 5. The editorial of melty then offers To take stock of the rumors, spoilers and what was said by Jed Whedon, the show’s co-showrunner. We know, for example, that season 5 will start with a new leap in time, probably between the time they are all at dinner and the one where we find Coulson in the spacecraft . If it is not known how long it has passed, Jed Whedon confirmed the leap in time. Also, no words have been spoken about Ghost Rider and his presence or not in the next episodes. We know that to destroy AIDA, Coulson made a pact the devil and if this will certainly be explored in season 5, that does not mean that Robbie Reyes will be there for all that. Indeed, the showrunner Jed Whedon and executive producer Jeff Bell remained very secret about Ghost Rider during an interview for IGN .
But then, can we at least assume that season 5 will take place in space? “The sandbox [material from the Marvel universe available] in which we play continues to grow, and we want to explore every corner of it and tell as many stories as we can. We really liked that, so maybe we’re going to go back … We’re all, I think, terrified of what we’re going to do next season, The same way we were for this season , “said Jed Whedon. It is true that the series has accustomed us to a lot of renewal between these seasons and to offer us an intrigue in space would bring again a strong sense of renewal.
In any case, the Agents of SHIELD team does not seem ready to reveal anything about the plots, and we may have to wait until the Comic Con in San Diego to learn more . We will end this article with what could be a very bad news for fans and shippers of FitzSimmons since Jed Whedon said about their couple: “I think we can say with certainty after these two episodes that they ‘ Love and they will not love anyone else, but that does not mean they will be able to repair their relationship and all this pain. We hope they can because everyone supports FitzSimmons, fans And we also love the two actors and so I think seeing them together is a reward that fans deserve […