The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 10, why did Daryl lie to SPOILER? Norman Reedus answers!

Cinema 20 February, 2017

Why did not Daryl tell the truth to SPOILER in episode 10 of season 7 of The Walking Dead? Norman Reedus explains.
A new chapter of the series was broadcast last night on the American screens! In episode 10 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead , two characters finally found themselves, after a separation too long. Let’s be honest, we all looked forward to the reunion of Daryl and Carol ! Now in the Kingdom, Rick’s right arm was able to see his old friend again, for a very moving little talk by the fireside. A very pleasant moment that left us a bitter taste. Yeah, as we thought, Daryl did not manage to confess to Carol the crimes of Negan. Our heroine still does not know that Glenn and Abraham are dead, worse still, she thinks that everyone is flowing in Alexandria. Not class, Daryl, not class. Fortunately,
Asked about Daryl’s famous reunion and big lie in Season 7 episode 10 of The Walking Dead , Norman explained , “She needed to hear that. She saw her thing on her side, she wanted to leave The group no longer kills, and it’s getting smaller and smaller, and I think Daryl realizes it, and he told her what she wanted to hear, so that she could keep moving forward. . So, is Carol really too weak to hear the news? Not so sure. Norman Reedus said, “I think she could have endured it, but that’s not what she needs now … I think he realized she needed To cling to something.
It is not because he feels guilty of the deaths of Glenn and Abraham and does not assume that Daryl chose to lie to Carol! On the contrary, he wanted to spare her and leave her alone, as she has asked since last season … Too bad, we would have liked Carol to finally stop playing the hermits and join the great battle against Negan. Apparently, we’ll have to be patient … Will Carol find out the truth? Will she change her mind? We hope so! In any case, do not miss a new episode of The Walking Dead next Sunday night (and on OCS in US + 24). And you, what do you think of this lie?