Gray’s Anatomy Season 13: Episode 24, 3 key moments of this Season Finale

Cinema 19 May, 2017

Last night, ABC was broadcasting Season Final of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy. As expected, this episode was intense and heartbreaking. Discover immediately the 3 key moments of “Ring of Fire”.
It’s a habit we’ve been doing for 13 years now … At every Season Finale of Gray’s Anatomy, you have to take out the handkerchiefs. Not a single episode has touched our heart or heart. This Season Finale of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy, of which here is our critic , followed the same thrust … It was beautiful, hard, intense, gripping and captivating at the same time. “Ring of Fire” was not without emotion and some scenes will be engraved in us. Shonda Rhimes always succeeds in upsetting us and we must say that we are always faithful to him, even worse, we still ask for more. This episode of Gray’s Anatomy season 13 was rich in action and intrigue. Between the explosion that took place last week and the fire that s’ Is spread over the floors, our surgeons at the Gray-Sloan Memorial Hospital have not had a minute of respite . In addition, new love triangles were formed and we also witnessed a heroic act by Stephanie and then at the dismissal of Minnick and a resignation. Melty’s editor offers you to discover immediately its three key moments of “Ring of Fire” !
1. Stephanie’s heroic act
This Season Finale was the last episode of Jerrika Hinton in Gray’s Anatomy and we can say she made a great outing! We feared the worst for her character and feared she would lose her life in the fire. Fortunately, Shonda Rhimes decided otherwise. Stephanie’s character became a true hero. She protected the 8-year-old girl against and against everything. She was even ready to sacrifice herself by leaving the blanket. Stephanie saved Erin’s life in appalling conditions, in the middle of a burning room. His courage was incredible. She found herself burned at the level of the hands and the neck and nevertheless, she thought only of the survival of the girl. Jerrika Hinton has really marked the series and her departure will be noticed . In any case, she is not dead, she just resigned, which leaves a hope of seeing her again in at least one episode of Gray’s Anatomy !
2. A love triangle
The writers of Gray’s Anatomy love the love triangles and it is inconceivable for them not to have a new one (or even two) in this Season Finale of season 13 of the medical show. Maggie is once again at the heart of this sentimental discord. She feels feelings for Jackson, just like April and it must be believed that the surgeon seems receptive to his charm. The scene between the three characters was heavy and we really had trouble for April who realized that between her and her daughter’s father it was over. The couple Japril was really one of the most beautiful of Gray’s Anatomy and this new romance has something to surprise and disturb us. Will they pair up in season 14? Surely..
3. Owen’s sister
As we know, Owen’s sister was found alive after many years. If we thought we were going to attend their face to face it is not. The scriptwriters have allowed this plot to linger until the final minutes of the episode to make it even more dramatic . Owen, supported by Amelia, went to the military hospital to await the arrival of her sister. The shots have reinforced the tragic side of the situation and especially the emotion felt by Owen. This Season Finale of Season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy closed at the same time that Megan stepped down from the helicopter on a stretcher. She seemed unconscious and we only saw her hair, just like Owen and Amelia. Of course, This plot will be at the heart of Season 14 of Gray’s Anatomy and one thing is for sure is that we look forward to learning more. How will Owen and especially Nathan react? Will this mark the end of the Nathan / Meredith couple? To find out it will have to wait until the start of the school year but in the meantime, rediscover the promotional video of this Season Final of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy! And you, what scenes have you scored? Rediscover the promotional video of this Season Final of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy! And you, what scenes have you scored? Rediscover the promotional video of this Season Final of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy! And you, what scenes have you scored?