Arrow season 5: Episode 11, good news for Diggle and the Team, our review

Cinema 2 February, 2017

While Felicity tried to help John, Oliver left on the trail of a new Black Canary in episode 11 of Arrow’s season 5. Discover our review of “Second Chances”!
Last night, the Team was looking for a new Black Canary in episode 11 of season 5 of Arrow . But did they manage to find someone worthy of Laurel’s costume? The editorial proposes to discover his criticism of “Second Chances” . This episode 11 of season 5 of Arrow opens just after the explosion of the Central City particle accelerator. Men retain a certain Tina who sees her partner and boyfriend being executed right in front. As she shrieks in pain, she gains a power similar to that of Black Siren. Meanwhile, Team Arrow is looking for candidates to replace Laurel, but Oliver does not. Curtis presents a woman who appears throughout the United States to save many victims. It is a metahuman with a similar power to that of Black Siren . No suspense, it’s Tina. Later, Adrian has not really good news for Diggle that has not much time in season 5 of Arrow . Alone with Oliver, John explains that he should not replace Laurel but find someone to take over the torch. Which is completely different and we agree! In Russia, Talia Al Ghul demonstrates that it knows the course of Oliver since his shipwreck on the fingertips especially because he wore the hood of one of his students, Yao Fei Gulong.
At Star City, Felicity explodes to hack the NSA to save John while the Team plans to travel to Hub City where Tina has shown heroism. But lorsqu’Oliver asked him to join them, the young woman did not seem interested and warns them not to get in his way in season 5 of Arrow . Oliver, however, seems conquered and is aware that there will be no better candidate. We must admit that we think so too! He learns that Tina Boland worked for Central City police and thanks to Barry, Captain Singh revealed that she was working under cover to stop a trafficker, Sonus. But he has not seen her since his partner was killed. Sonus is connected to the men of Church, that could prove more dangerous than Team Arrow thought. In Russia, Talia thinks Oliver has a far greater fate than playing gangster for the Bratva. She puts him on the trail of a trafficker, Yurievich, whose main buyer is Kovar. At Star City, while Felicity is desperate to find a way to help John, a hacker offers to meet her to help her. A Hub City, Tina continues her vengeance. Oliver offers to help him find the leader of the gang that executed her partner but she is still not ready to join the Team . Bad news for her, Sonus has also become a human meta that gives vertigo.
If Oliver manages to pull an arrow in his shoulder, the dealer managed to disappear. Not to mention that Tina is still determined to act alone although her powers are not really effective on Sonus. Felicity meets a young hacktivist, fan it, which gave him the The Data Cache Pandora , many ultra-confidential files which one of them can save John in season 5 of Arrow . Later, Oliver shows up as Oliver Queen and finally convinces Tina to let him help her. After an epic battle, he fails to convince her not to kill Sonus. But good news, Diggle is bleached! In flashbacks, Talia advises her new pupil to name the monster he is in to be free to be Oliver Queen. The latter then donned for the first time the costume of the Green Arrow! A rather moving scene that we had been waiting for a long time! Finally, in the present, Tina agrees to take again the costume of Black Canary and confesses that his real name is Dinah Drake. But wait for Dinah as … Dinah Laurel Lance and as the very first Black Canary Comics. If we were not really sure to love the replacement for Katie Cassidy, Juliana Harkavy reached immediately make us love this new character . As for episode, dark and epic combat scenes, it remains rooted in the DNA of the series and the first season which can only please us. We give you appointment next week for episode 12 of season 5 of Arrow in which Oliver and his team will travel to Russia. So tell us everything, what did you think of episode 11 of Arrow’s season 5?