Gray’s Anatomy Season 13: Episode 19, Japril and Merthan in Danger? Our criticism

Cinema 7 April, 2017

While Maggie mourned, she got closer to Jackson in episode 19 of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy. Check out our review of “What’s Inside”!
Last week, in episode 18 of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy, Maggie faced the illness and death of her mother . How does she handle grief? Is she really ready to go back to work? What about Meredith and Riggs? Melty’s editorial reveals his criticism of episode 19 of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy. “What’s Inside” opens on Maggie, on her mother’s grave, accompanied by Meredith and Amelia. The latter two hope that their sister will manage better their mourning than they. And it would seem that this is the case because she is ready to resume work immediately. As for Nathan Riggs, he falls on Arizona and Eliza who do “carpooling” . While they work on the case of a fetus with a tumor, the pretty blonde confesses to the cardiologist that she and Eliza are together. But the confidences will wait because Maggie pricks the case to her colleague, she needs it! How to deny him in season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy ? Meanwhile , Meredith tells Alex that Maggie is doing well so she plans to dine with Riggs. This does not seem to delight Alex who does not like the cardiologist frankly. Later, Owen learns that it is Maggie who will operate the fetus of her patients and close friends. He is furious because for him, the young woman is not ready and Riggs is a better choice. But Maggie explains to the patients that if Owen is worried it is because she has just lost her mother and not about her surgical skills. Patients end up choosing it in season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy . While Arizona and Riggs become friends and confide in their relationships , Stephanie finds herself at Cross. According to her, the internal is simply hypochondriac.
Owen talks about his doubts about Maggie to Meredith and Amelia. The latter seem convinced that everything will be fine but prefer to check anyway. Maggie retorts that she needs their support and that before they come to see her, she did not doubt a single second of her in Gray’s Anatomy season 13 . While the reconciliation of Bailey and Richard is difficult, Stephanie discovers that she was wrong because Cross is really sick. He has a colon infection. As for Maggie, she begins the operation of the fetus under the eyes of Meredith, Nathan, Jackson, Owen and Amelia. Everything goes perfectly, the cardiologist removes the tumor but the baby enters bradycardia and Maggie does not react! Everyone is worried, Only Riggs seems to have confidence in Maggie. He may be right because his colleague explains to Arizona that she only gives the fetus a minute so that her heart learns to beat without the tumor and it works! In another block, April, Stephanie and Andrew discover that Cross also has intestinal tuberculosis. Suddenly, Stephanie and Andrew become hypochondriac and are afraid of being infected in Gray’s Anatomy season 13 . Meredith makes an appointment the same evening at Riggs although this is not a date! Meanwhile, the block where Cross was operated is quarantined while Maggie eventually confesses to Jackson that she is not doing well. She just does her job and seems to blame her friend for not doing her own.
Stephanie apologizes to Cross, the young woman and DeLuca will need only a few injections to be sure not to get sick. Stephanie is furious against herself for having snubbed Cross and not having spotted her illness. Richard reassures her by explaining that all doctors have made mistakes and that admitting it is already a lot. Well, some of you should take some seed in season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy . Later, Arizona understands that Riggs is getting ready to go out with Meredith and talks about Derek as the perfect man and their perfect love story . Poor Riggs, he is now terrified! As Meredith prepares to go out, she finds Maggie in tears in front of her door. When Riggs rings, Meredith asks him to leave and the tone rises between them. The surgeon puts on music and forces Amelia and Maggie to dance. The spirit Cristina reigns in this scene! O nostalgia when you hold us! While Bailey finally admits that she was wrong to Richard, the latter does not want to admit that he too but their relationship seems to be on the right track. Finally, Jackson brings Diane’s medical record to Maggie. She claimed she did not know she was sick, she lied to her daughter and Jackson. The latter gives her friend the photos of Diane who went around the world and everything she wanted after learning that she was sick. His mother had no regrets, that’s what Maggie needed to know to truly mourn her. “What’s Inside” Was still a very good episode alternating moving scenes and other very funny. And if we love Japril, we admit that we are also a fan of the complicity between Jackson and Maggie. Very soon! In the meantime, find out why all the doctors will be in danger in the Season Finale of Season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy. So the meltynauts, what did you think of episode 19 of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy?