The 100 season 5: Soon a war between clans of Clarke, Bellamy and Octavia?

Cinema 15 June, 2017

While we are still recovering from the end of season 4 of The 100, we are already wondering if a war awaits the characters in the sequel.
We continue to help you wait until Season 5 of The 100, in which Bellamy and Raven could be couple , with further speculation about the sequel. Indeed the creator of the series Jason Rothenberg has already entrusted to EOnline giving a lot of details on the next season, and especially on the relationships between the characters. After spending more than six years separated when they had barely spent a year on Earth together, Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia and the others will have changed . “Relationships will change, alliances too … It’s like living when we leave for a long time and see someone we know and are different . ”
But beyond the character of each character, one wonders especially if they will not be led to be enemies in the next season. Indeed Clarke has obviously converted to the lifestyle and culture Grounder, learning the language and taking under his wing a young Nightblood . Meanwhile Octavia had to manage a whole population underground by doing the maximum to avoid conflicts. Finally Bellamy, Raven, Monty and the others were isolated on the Ark in space. And we already know that things have not proceeded as planned since it is now more than a year since they should have descended on a new inhabitable Earth. Have they agreed with the prisoners of whom Clarke sees the ship? And will they try again,
Locked up with a majority of Grounders, it is also assumed that Octavia, Abby, Kane and the other Sky People have also adapted themselves to the majority culture in the bunker. Will the underground survivors have a new religion that will provoke a conflict with the other clans? In any case, we can not rule out the possibility that Bellamy, Clarke and Octavia, three separate leaders, will find it difficult to work together once they have all found each other . Everyone wants to make the needs of his clan heard after having developed affinities for more than 6 years and one wonders how all this will end … Pending to have new information on the continuation of the series, Is also asked if the season 5 of The 100 would be the last . And you what do you think ?