Reign Season 4: Episode 13, Death, Engagement and Escape, Our Critic

Cinema 21 May, 2017

Check out our review of Episode 13 of Season 4 of Reign which aired last night on the American channel The CW. Warning, spoilers!
As expected, there is definitely a death in episode 13 of Reign’s Season 4 , and it will not be without consequences. “Coup de Grace” begins while Mary suspects Darnley and the Privy Council of plotting against her. Fortunately, his two most loyal allies, Bothwell and Rizzio, watched and they discovered that the Scottish Lords and the King were doing everything to oust Mary from the throne and that Darnley obtained the matrimonial crown. In order to turn the situation to its advantage, Mary decides to announce her pregnancy publicly. However, this is not enough to silence the anger of John Knox and Darnley even succeeded in convincing him that his wife surely has an extramarital relationship with Bothwell . They then decide to try to surprise the queen in the act of infidelity so that she is then forced to abdicate. But instead of finding Mary in Bothwell’s arms, Darnley and the Privy Council members found her simply playing cards with Rizzio.
As in history, Rizzio is going to serve as scapegoat and they murder her savagely before the bewildered eyes of Mary . Once again, Adelaide Kane shows us her talent in this tragic scene that has all broken our hearts. Despite her grief and sorrow, Mary does not lose sight of what is important: her survival. Simulating a pregnancy pain, she manages to get in touch with Darnley and convince him that the Lords will turn against him as soon as they have the opportunity and they need each other to survive. They both managed to escape and, finding Bothwell and her allies, Mary swore that her vengeance would be terrible. The series which does not always respect literally the historical events of the life of the true Mary Stuart,
In England, Elizabeth became more acquainted with the man who was to become her husband, but this did not happen without a hitch. Indeed, he discovered a letter that she reserved for Gideon and scarcely appreciates that his promise in pincers for another. He then asked him to banish Gideon from England, playing the card of the necessary alliance between their two countries. Elizabeth needs him as much as he does, and even more so since she knows Mary is waiting for an heir. Always thoughtful and foresight, Elizabeth accepts the conditions of the archduke and they are officially engaged . The return of Gideon in England promises to be very disappointing for him … Because at the beginning of this episode of Reign , Gideon was sent to France by his queen to manage a crisis situation.
Henri continues to work against his brother, trying little by little to make his way to the throne, counting more than ever on the support of his sister, the Queen of Spain. His new goal? To put Nicole in the pocket by proving to him that Narcissus has played from her from the beginning in order to take revenge of the latter. Narcissus refused to listen to Henry’s advice about the English fleet and Charles sent the boats back to England just to hurt him. Nicole eventually finds out the truth about Narcissus in the worst possible way and the episode ends with Henri’s malicious smile that does not suggest any good for Charles. In the meantime, we invite you to read our review of episode 12 of season 4 of Reign.